EvoL – Get Up

EvoL Get Up

How fantastic is this group. They have a really cool vibe and am loving how unique their style of music genre is. It honestly has swag.



“You are so ugly” said the boy. This was not actually the first time someone called me ugly. At that moment I brushed it aside pretending I really don’t care what people think about me. Except I did. I went to an all girls high school. Yes there were moments when girls could be mean […]


A Change


Hello everyone It has been a long time coming but I believe it is time my website needs a change of color. So I was hoping that my readers would suggest a color that they would prefer more.  Please leave me feedback in the comment section. Also anything else that you would like to see changed or any other […]




Just finished eating the yummiest fish ever. So Yum. I am on a diet, its going well but slowly meh. Anyway the weirdest thing  happened yesterday. I went shopping with my friend. Got a pretty lilac nail polish and some other random things. I don’t even know where my money went. O_o We went to eat at Nandos. […]


2011 Japanese Drama


Fake Kyoto Bijutsu Jiken Emaki Title: フェイク 京都美術事件絵巻 Genre: Mystery Episodes:6 Synopsis Set in Kyoto, the story revolves around a single, 40-year-old part-time university lecturer named Urasawa Yu. Although she is awkward in normal social situations, she possesses extraordinary judgment when it comes to understanding people in art-related contexts and determining the authenticity of historical works […]


2011 Korean Drama


BELIEVE IN LOVE Title: 사랑을 믿어요 / Sarangeul Mideoyo / Believe in Love Genre: Family Episodes: 50 Synopsis Two strangers meet, fall in love and get married. After they have settled into married life, however, they face numerous marriage problems. Couples start to wonder why they even get married at the first place and think […]


Mioka – Review


Hashimoto Taichi, a third year student at Myongji University, has no particular goals for the future and has been leading an ordinary student’s life. One day, he finds a female university student standing on the edge of the university building’s rooftop. “Don’t tell me …!?” Taichi thinks to himself as he hastily runs up to […]


Orange Caramel – Magic Girl


Yay they finally here and oh my god they cute! I really like the song, its fun and catchy. Their name really fits all of them. Its like a really fun and good song. I like the dancing as well. Just great. Oh god I was excited and the wait was really worth it. xD […]


Japanese Dramas – currently airing


CURRENTLY AIRING  JAPANESE DRAMA For upcoming Japanese dramas: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_JDrama


Zettai Reido Episode 1 & 2 Review


This drama immediatelyreminded me of the show “Cold case” as they solve old cases with new equipment by finding the DNA and such to solve them.  But this show is nothing really like cold case except the cold case part. xD. It seems much more funny and interesting. There is also more crime  forensics in this […]

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