Yankee-kun to Megane-Chan Episode 2 Review

shinagawa luv

The second episode of this drama made me laugh a lot. I am really liking this drama and I do not think I can wait to watch the next episode so I  have decided that I will watch all the rest of the episodes that had been subbed. xD  The two main characters are really cute and their acting […]


Shinzanmono Review Episode 1


This is the new drama with Abe Hiroshi whom I have enjoyed watching immensely in his late dramas such as Shiroi Haru. His acting is superb and polished to perfection. I also know another person in this drama and that is Mukai Osamu, He has come in Nodame Cantabile, Bambino, Segai No mikata and Osen. The beautiful Kuroki Meisa is also […]


Galileo Review

Galileo cap

Galileo has a very interesting plot and the drama was something I did not expect.  It was full of science and the supernatural, at times it was also creepy. There was not a lot of episodes. Its always disappointing when a good drama have really less episodes. I think they could have carried this show on a bit more and […]


God Hand Teru Review

god hand teru

This drama was really good the only disappointment for me was how few episodes there were. The acting from the actors and actresses was excellent and I liked the feeling that every episode gave me. It gave me this anticipation and excitement every episode. In each episode something exciting was happening and most of the […]


Personal Preference Review episode 4


Episode 4 Lots of weird sounds when this episode started. I was like oh my god!! what on earth !? ><. Kae In remembers what she had done the day before. I do love the expressions she does. They pretty funny and dramatic looking.  Lots of things start to happen in this episode again. With people getting really confused about Jin Ho’s sexuality. […]


NU ABO – f(x)


*_*…I AM LIKE SOOO WAAA OVER THIS SONG!!!!! I just love f(x). This song just is just so amazing. I really really love it. How cool is Amber?! I like the Na Na Na part of the song. So fresh so original so F(x) “This is how we do it our love f(fx)” I really like this […]


Yukan Club Review


Yukan club also known as Leisure club was a really good 2007 drama. I really adored this series. Of course I know the two boys from Kat-Tun as I used to be very obsessed with their Cartoon Kat-Tun show and their song were also pretty good. I made my little cousins and my sister to […]


Stars Falling From The Sky-review


This is a 2010 drama. I think this drama was good but when I started watching it I was like umm what is this because the main character was so annoying and such a spoilt brat but then you see her change and it was like ohh waaa I like you! The children in this […]


Kingdom of the winds- Review


I loved this drama!. It was the kind of drama where I looked forward to every single week, anticipating the next episode. Sometimes I just could not wait for the new episode I just wanted to watch it.  This drama was fantastic! I loved the acting, the actors, the drama, the characters, the clothings, the fighting scene and just everything […]


Zettai Kareshi- Absolute Boyfriend Review


Zettai Karashi is a good comedy drama. I enjoyed this drama but not every single episodes. Some episodes were good some were really funny. It may be to do with the fact how the whole drama ended and how at times I disliked the main character because of how she treated the main guy. I […]

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