“You are so ugly” said the boy. This was not actually the first time someone called me ugly. At that moment I brushed it aside pretending I really don’t care what people think about me. Except I did. I went to an all girls high school. Yes there were moments when girls could be mean […]


Super rant!

I am so pissed off right now. Do any of your do reunions? Anyway so am in uni right now and high school was quite a long time ago. I went to a really small private school. There was like less then 30 people in my class. There were 10 of us in my group. […]


Cupcakes and colors

hey little cupcakes via official site

It has been a while since I wrote a long entry here. So brace yourself because I am going to bore you with my oh so glamours life. xP I will start uni soon so I most likely will have less places to go to because I work as well. So it will just get all busy. […]


What I did today

My legs are hurting so much right now =( I think it may be because I ran kinda fast and walked so I would not miss the train and well lets just say I always trip over my own feet >_< am really clumsy lol. I had lots of fun shopping though xD I got […]


Random things about me creepy

I am scared of dolls. Not Barbie dolls but those porcelain dolls. They just so creepy looking and sometimes I think they going to come alive and just kill me in my sleep or something. Clowns are also stupid No am not scared of them…….maybe a bit. When I was young I took swimming lessons […]


Back from Holiday

2011-06-30 03.48.55

Last week I went on a holiday to Dubai. I loved it very much. I mean, yes it was super hot like being in a heater but I loved every aspect of it so much that am planning on making it my future home. xP Went for 8 days though the first day was just […]


Majorly random post


Why do you think people are mean? Is there a certain reason or do you think that people  just cannot be nice? Sometimes when I talk to people there are moments when I wonder if they really mean what they say. That is the worse thing about talking to another person. You can never tell […]


Summer Vacation


Its so hard to actually think of a subject to talk about in my personal section of the blog sometimes.  Usually my personal posts are about lots of random things which go from one subject to another. But meh it is all so my special readers get to know more about me.  xD It is […]




Just finished eating the yummiest fish ever. So Yum. I am on a diet, its going well but slowly meh. Anyway the weirdest thing  happened yesterday. I went shopping with my friend. Got a pretty lilac nail polish and some other random things. I don’t even know where my money went. O_o We went to eat at Nandos. […]


I nearly died today


Today was a moment in my life that was like oh my God WTH ..WTH…WTH. I nearly died. No wait let me rephrase that I think my spirit came out my body, watched what was happening and then it went back in again. Then I opened my eyes and was like …..* panics* It started of […]

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