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A few days before her wedding,Ji Hyun was looking forward to her future with her seemingly perfect fiancé, Min Ho. In contrast, Yi Kyung was unhappy with her life and resolved to end it by walking into a busy street. Their two worlds collide as Ji Hyun gets into an accident and falls into a coma as a result of Yi Kyung’s actions. However, Ji Hyun is given a second chance at life by a reaper. He tells her that if she collects three genuine tears from people that aren’t her blood relatives in the 49 days alloted to her, she can live again. In order to maneuver the world of the living, she’s given use of Yi Kyung’s body, but she cannot use it past midnight and must keep her identity a secret.


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Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae) is Shin Ji Hyun’s childhood friend/first love. He is a loner – moody, remote and cold. He lost his parents at a young age and grew up without any familial affection. He finds himself in a complex relationship with Song Yi Kyung as herself and when she is possessed by Shin Ji Hyun’s spirit. Will Song Yi Kyung/Shin Ji Hyun be able to convince him to shed genuine tears for his childhood friend?

Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) is the woman whose body will be possessed by Shin Ji Hyun’s spirit. She has nothing to live for; she is depressed and thinking of taking her own life. How will being possessed by another person’s spirit affect her attitude towards life?

Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) is the comatose woman. She is rich, happy and well-loved. She goes into coma after figuring in a car accident a week before her wedding. The Death Scheduler gives her a chance to go back to her life if she can convince three people (apart from her parents) to shed genuine tears for her within 49 days. To do this she will be allowed to possess the body of another woman. What truths will she find out about herself and the people she loves? Will she make it back to the land of the living or not?

Song Yi Soo (Jung Il Woo) is the Death Scheduler. He is responsible for guiding souls to the afterlife. He is quite impulsive. He is also honest and is very curious and interested in the world around him.

Kang Min Ho (Bae Soo Bin) is Shin Ji Hyun’s fiance. He is a graduate of Seoul National University, with an MBA from the U.S.A. He has had a tough childhood, but he faces the unfairness of Providence with his own determination and wit and achieves success, which accounts for his cold heart masked under a warm smile. Will he shed genuine tears for his fiancee, Shin Ji Hyun?

Shin Eun Jung (Seo Ji Hye) is Shin Ji Hyun’s bestfriend; she works as a secretary in Ji Hyun’s father’s company. She is smart but selfish. She is also a cultured, strong-willed career woman who uses love to achieve her desires. She personifies the new term “icy city girl”. She is ambitious and unscrupulous, and in a society with pre-defined social classes, she even betrays her best friend. Will she change to shed genuine tears for her friend in time to help her back to life?


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I was expecting this drama to be predictable. I enjoyed it immensely but I always presumed it would be something that by the last episode I would have  figured out what was going to happen. I was completely wrong. Its surprised me and I don’t know, I sat there for five minutes after it finished thinking “OMG”.

Usually drama’s that end the way this one did would have really annoyed me but for some reason it really works for 49 days.  If you have not watched this drama then you are most likely wondering what the hell am talking about. Well watch the drama for yourself because let me to tell you. It was such a fantastic drama that I would not mind watching it again. Its surprising, its funny, extremely well written and overall just a really entertaining drama. 100 % not predictable.

MAJOR SPOILERso please do not click show unless you want to know things that will spoil the drama for you>_<


It is really nice to find a drama where it has a very unique storyline. It has a fantasy element. It also sounds quite silly and cheesy when you are reading synopsis at first. But when the drama starts you get hooked on so fast, it surprises you.

I like dramas where the characters have this gradual growth of character. Things get revealed very slowly even though at first you get pretty frustrated because you want to know more.  I suppose in a way it is how they make the viewers want to see more so they can find out the secrets so they keep watching.  It rounds everything up really neatly. Nothing was rushed and it was a very authentic script. They put a lot of thought on to the characters and their progression through out the drama.


You see a immature sheltered girl slowly became very mature and someone you like. A depressed girl who realizes the importance of life.  All the characters have this build up which makes you want to see more of them. The acting was really good. It is amazing how Lee Yo Won can play both Song Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun.  She literally went from a depressed character to someone who was take over by a very quirky and happy girl.  Her acting was just really good. I forgot that Ji Hyun  is actually acted by the same person who is Yi Kyung. Very quick and talented personality change.  Everyone else acted really well but favorite were the main two characters.  Of course I liked the guys as well, they were so handsome Jeong Il-woo made me swoon xP

I also enjoyed the Romantic part. It was not a silly romantic cliché style of  sweet sappy romance. It was mature and  It is silly to call it this but I thought it was quite beautiful.  Firstly because two of the main characters, their love was like this never ending kind where they love each other so much they want to be together no matter what. The other was like I love but you don’t see it and you do not realize it.  Now I know it sounds like the usual kind of romance in Dramas but they handled it in a way that it was not overacting the dramatic scenes where one was like ” I love you why don’t you love meee!!! *Grabs her kisses her she cries, Blah blah blah O_O  Was more like an understanding that they will come around so that is why I liked the way this drama handled the romance area.  Deep love but they handled it maturely, like adults and not teens.

I loved the connection between the characters. They somehow knew each other. It was like fate entwined them together and for a reason. In a way this drama teaches a lesson. I have watched a lot of Korean dramas and besides entertaining me I have never actually taken anything from it. But with 49 days, it teaches you can live for years and never really live. So you have to live life in a way that when you die your happy with everything you have done.

I would recommended this drama so much that I would hypnotize so I can make you watch it especially if you are unsure about it. “watch it watch it watch it” xD  It was an amazing drama. There is no other word for it. Am quite sad it is finished. 20 Episodes is not enough, I want more. Anyway I really think you should watch this drama. It has everything. Its addictive, has good acting, emotional scenes, happy scenes, funny moments, Romantic scenes,amazing character buildup, a solid script and overall a drama that you will remember.

Episodes: 20

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Ratings: *****



  1. OMG you are sooo right!! This drama has got to be one of the best drama ever. I really enjoyed it so much that I was expecting a ‘Happy Ending’ where the main character Ji Hyun would stay alive and be with Kang forever. BUT I was so wrong and I was so in shock that Yi Kyung turned out to be Ji Hyun’s older sister. One thing I was really sad about was the fact that Ji Hyun died without knowing Yi Kyung was her older sister and when the scheduler said her third tear was from In Jung and not Yi Kyung you can see that Ji Hyun was sad for a brief second that it wasn’t Yi Kyungs. I also give this drama a 5/5, it was an awsome drama and will stick with me for a long time ^^ I agreed with you 100% in your review cause thats how i felt about the drama too xD

  2. Yay I like it when people like what I like xP Yeah I kinda wish the scheduler told her that she was her sister. He just looked at her unsure if he should tell her. I loved how this drama was so unpredictable! Made me love it more.

  3. Kpop_fan says:

    I love this drama thought it’s a sad ending. It teaches us alot of things we usually take for granted or didn’t realise it at all. It also constantly remind us to live our life without regret, show your love to your parents always, open your eyes to see who is true to you. I love K-Drama, always touching and well-scripted.

  4. Yep well said. It kinda makes you open your eyes. ^^

  5. anne2ken says:

    i love this show too. how they’ve managed to bring forth the blessing of being alive. i live hoe they’ve manage to end ji hyun’s life and although i cried a river when she entered the elevator i know in her heart of hearts she does not have any regrets but felt blessed.

    the idea of her and yi kyung is the only thing that bothers me, it’s a total crap. i wish they’ve shown us that after yi soo’s 1 day comeback and ji hyun’s 49 travel she realized what she’s been taken for granted, that she will finally have a reason to live, i.e fulfilling the promise she made with yi soo and taking the courage and happiness ji hyun brings and hope for her. it’s a big glitch for me, how come the owner of a big company will no longer search for their lost kid after sometime? to the point that her sister totally forgot that she once had an unni?

    however, the main sense of the drama hit me and totally touched my heart. :)

  6. I think they added that right at the end out of no where because they did not want to leave that part unfinishedt. Am waiting for another drama like this now xD

  7. This drama is about death but ironically, it’s also about valuing life and not giving up.

    I think the social concept of finding a solution to the suicide problem in different countries, especially among celebrities, is one of the things that this drama has confidently tackled. Such a ballsy plot. Ballsy because they dared put the concepts of death, wanting to live desperately, living like a dead person and finding a reason to continue living side by side.

    Q: why live when you’re going to die anyway?
    A: because you have so much more to live for, and there may be more people who love you than you think.

  8. so true, I do wish people would value life more..especially when they have more then a lot of people in the world..

  9. I love the drama =) It has a very strong message behind, unlike other lovey dovey meaningless dramas. And the ending was beautiful (minus the they were actually sisters part – i think e writer was trying too hard). I think the show would not have been as moving if not for her death. What more, I think she is alot luckier then many others. She lived the last of her life to the fullest, blessing people around her. There could not have been a better ending.

  10. Mirya Andrea Hq says:

    Well, I totally agree with you. I watched this drama on line when it was airing in Korea It was so so interesting… This drama I started to watched because one of my friend comment and I got involved with the plot… but I didn´t imagine that this drama will be mark me … It did!!!!. I have to say that I stil cry when I listen to the songs. or when I watch some parts…… I remember that the last episode I was waiting to the subtitles and whenthe subs were ready I started and I couldn´t stop crying …. It was SO hard … really..Like you say we expect happy endings allways but in real life we have sad endings , too. Welll In this drama it was sad but it was good too because we can see that the lead characters acomplish their goals and they did what they needed to did!!!! aLSA IN THIS DRAM WE SEE real pure lovee!!!!!!!!! OMG THIS IS A VERY GOOD DRAMA!!!!

  11. I agree too! regardless of some few unreal scenes, this drama make me think if there is only one person, except my blood family, who can really cry for me from bottom of her/his heart and deep in their heart love me! though i have a lot of nice friends!

  12. Aww ^^

  13. This is one of the best dramas I’ve seen. The ending was quite surprising but I was satisfied with it. I was happy about the sister thing. I love the Mommy & Daddy, at least there was someone whom they could dote on & with that, weren’t feeling so lonely.


    Thanks for the nice review.

  14. hi, this is a very unique drama
    i have to say that i shed quite af few tears for this, at some points i was very happy only to get sad the next moment

    still i hated the end, dont get me wrong, ios was a very good ending, a good end for the story, but i cheering a lot for them to be together, out of the 3 couples, not one of them ended up having a future

    this also teaches you that no matter what, when you die you die and can do nothing to stop it
    they could have make an alternative end in a special

    this drama i liked, but i also wished i never sow it, is not that i like only happy end, but for this i wanted one, since i taught she deserved to be with the person she loved

    the story really made me cheer up for them, and also teched me a very valuable lesson, live in a way that you can be proud of it

  15. I did not like the ending. After having live through the promise of a happy ending for Ji Hyun after 49 days, for her to die was a real let-down. It seems the writers wanted more time to make the ending work, and then were told to end it at episode 20. So they had to quickly explain what happened to everyone. It would have been nice for Ji Hyun to slowly see the clues that Yi Kong was her sister. And there was a need for Yi Soo to return, even if it was in another body.

  16. @David that was the whole point of the drama: preparing for an untimely, unexpected, pulled-the-rug-under-my-feet death. and why would you want yi soo to return? he’s already dead and that’s what yi kyung needed to accept and understand. i understood and appreciated the yi soo-yi kyung arc. it was about healing and moving on. ji hyun’s story was about making a difference. about living meaningfully. reminding us to shower love and extend forgiveness… changing the lives of the people around you. 49 Days was a unique and beautiful drama. and i’d like to add, i’ve NEVER been into korean dramas until i saw this one. and now, i’m on the lookout, hoping to encounter another life-affirming drama such as this!

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