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18-year-old Kang Gyung-Joon’s (Shin Won-Ho) spirit suddenly finds itself in the body of 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo) . Seo-Yon-Jae is a successful doctor and engaged to high school teacher Gil Da-Ran (Lee Min-Jung). Gil Da-Ran just so happens to be the teacher of 18-year old Kang Gyung-Joon. More problems ensue when 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae falls in love with another woman
Where to watch

I have watched 10 episodes of this drama. So far there is two body swap drama’s that I know of this season, Big being one of them and the other being “I love Tae Ri”. The other body swap drama that I have watched is Secret Garden.

I can’t compare Big to Secret garden as I feel that Secret Garden was on a different scale compared to Big, mostly due to the fact that the acting in Secret Garden was much more better. Gong Yoo is excellent as Seo Yoon-Jae, the doctor and when he is Kang Gyung-Joon, he  really does act like a teenager but Lee Min-Jung, even though she is cute her facial expression’s are bland and she had no emotion in her eyes at times.



This is the second drama that I have seen Suzy act in, first being Dream High. Her character here is no different. Annoying, immature and irritating. I actually adore her as she is my favourite in Miss A, I just wish her character was a bit different. I think she needs a bit more range especially because she is new at acting but she is not a bad actress.

The other thing that messes it up for me is that sometimes I really do not know where the plot is going. They keep drifting away from the main storyline every few episodes and then coming back to it. The relationship between Kang Gyung Joon and Gil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung)  can also be brought into question.

Spoiler: Do not read the spoiler unless you have watched up to 10 episodes.


I do not think this drama is amazing but if you want to watch something cute then watch this drama. Other then that there are plenty of other drama’s out this season that are far more better for example Bridal mask.


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