Coffee House Review

coffee house
I was pretty excited about this drama because I have heard so much about it. I really hoped it was worth the hype. Usually overrating a drama never works very well as they are never as  good as people make them the drama out to be.  The main actor is really very cute, I love his smile!!!  I have not seen him in any drama except a bit “Hong Gil dong”  but I could not get into it very much. The main actress is also very adorable, Kang Seung-Yeon who is played by  Han Eun Jung from the Korean pop group T_ara . The scruffy hair look, you just know she’s going to be ditzy and full of false hope. xD

When I first started watching this it really dragged. I just wanted the story to actually start already. There were to many jumps from one scene to another and I did not quite understand the plot yet.  I like the girl Seo Eun Young, the publishing executive who is played by Park Si Yeon. She looks very elegant and is also very pretty but she plays a character who has a hidden feisty side. There was a scene where she rips up this books when she got frustrated. It was quite funny to watch.

Slowly watching this drama I really found it humours. There were so many moments where I could not stop laughing. Like when Kang Seung Yeon ex boyfriend comes and she has a screaming match with him in the toilets and then gets stuck inside. such a great silly moment. I loved it! Am kind of going crazy with the screen shots but there was moments in the starting of this drama that I really loved. Him making coffee was awesome.*_* He looked ace doing it. Really honestly, I have never seen a main character have so much embarrassments in one moment as much Seung-Yeon. She is such a silly loser, xD its very funny, the poor girl, I don’t think she will catch a break in this first scene at all. So for this drama seems good, I do not think it is excellent though.

My view of the male main character is that he is the kind of person who does his own thing. His role is the main guy who doesn’t know the power of his good looks. His a pretty likeable character. I don’t like the fashion in this drama. They need to be more smart rather then I dont know it does not all look right.

Overall episode 1 was pretty good am unsure though if I will carry on watching the drama though. Yet anyway. xD Seems am watching too many dramas latelyxD  Below is the trailer to this drama and to watch this drama you can go on Its on its 8th episode right now and the rating for each episode is pretty high.


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