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Deka Wanko” is originally a manga by “Gokusen” creator Kozueko Morimoto. The comedic series revolves around a rookie detective named Ichiko Hanamori (played by Tabe), whose exceptional dog-like sense of smell is used to solve difficult cases, in addition to earning her the nickname of “Deka Wanko.” –Tokyograph


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Theme song: Ai to Hoshi by Makichang


This drama was so adorable and weird in its own way.

First thing first, you have to get out of reality and get into Japanese drama mode which mean this is a unrealistic and ridiculous drama. The main girl is a Lolita  detective who has a super sense of smell, very much like a dog. It is full of light comedy with certain twists but please do not take this drama seriously because is anything but serious.

If you usually watch Japanese dramas then you should be used to these kinds of stories.

There were some really good episode that included intriguing mysteries and I liked how the main character Hanamori Ichiko (Tabe Mikako) talked to us, the audience in certain episodes and the rest of the smartly dressed detectives she works with just though she is crazy. I liked the contrast between the main character and the side characters.  She stuck out like a sore thumb through out the whole show. She was dressed in cute Lolita fashion aka big bows, cute things and frills ect and the other detectives were dressed in black suits. It was pretty amusing to see her come in the office in flamboyant fashion but she always looked cute and adorable.

She is silly but endearing and besides her friend there is also not another female presence in the show. Pretty interesting how she is a very feminine girl in a strong manly environment. That saying even though she was really ditzy in the drama she got things done.

The other things I loved in this drama besides her clothes was her cute, tiny pink room, the really funny interrogation methods and the random funny refrences at the characters. For example in one of the episode an old women tells one of the characters, Shigemura Kanichi that he looks like Sawamura Ikki. Yep he is actually the actor who is playing Shigemura Kanichi.

Side characters in this show did well but Tabe Mikako had my whole attention  I fell in love with her. She is so cute and I loved watching her. Because of this show I also cannot wait to watch another drama with her in it.

This drama is silly and I cannot rate it so high because you wont remember it but it is a good entertaining comedy drama. The first episode was a bit boring but carry on watching and it will surprise you.

PS: There is news of an upcoming movie for this drama.


  • Tabe Mikako as Hanamori Ichiko
    • Ihara Ryoka (庵原涼香) as young Ichiko
  • Sawamura Ikki as Shigemura Kanichi
  • Tegoshi Yuya as Kirishima Ryuta
  • Masu Takeshi as Monma Jiro
  • Ohkura Koji as Yanagi Seishiro
  • Mikami Kensei as Duke Tanaka
  • Watanabe Naomi (渡辺直美) as Aoki Kotomi
  • Ishizuka Hidehiko as Wada Jun
  • Taguchi Tomorowo as Tamura Kazumasa
  • Fukikoshi Mitsuru as Komatsubara Yuki
  • Sano Shiro as Igarashi Taichi
  • Ito Shiro as Matsuda Hiroo
  • Ueda Koichi as Ichiko’s grandfather
  • Imai Kazuko as Ichiko’s grandmother

Genre: comedy

Episodes: 10

Ratings: ***

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  1. I spot TEGO~NYAN! XD

  2. wish he would go back to black hair..

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