Devil Besides You Review

Based on manga by Mitsuba Takanashi “Akuma de Sourou” aka “The Devil does exist” This Taiwanese drama is about a young girls, Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) has a crush on Yuan Yi (Kingone) and with the encouragement of her friends, she decides to confess her love for him. She writes him a love letter and is going to give it to him in person. However she got so nervous when she sees him that she accidentally hands it to Jiang Meng (Mike He), the school director’s son who has a devilish reputation and a penchant to bully girls. In the midst of total panic, Yue drops the letter before Meng, and scoots away. After realizing her letter is with Meng, she tries to get it back from him. True to his name, Meng orders Yue to be his personal servant, and threatens to print copies of her letter and throw them down from the school roof so that everyone can read them. Embarrassed and very very angry, Yue has no choice but to follow in the devil’s shadow. Finally, unable to stand Meng’s devil-may-care attitude, Yue decides to break Meng’s hold over her and finally tells Yuan Yi that she likes him, and is surprised to find that the feelings are mutual. A bizarre twist later, Yue discovers she harbours feelings for Meng. She realizes that beneath the cool exterior lies a soft heart and a loyal soul who will always stand up for his friends. Meng returns her affections as well, and at last the dreamy Qi Yue whose head is made up almost all of romance fluff, thinks she has found love. One thing stands in the way, however… How can they be together, when they’re about to become brother and sister? (dramawiki)


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Since this is quite an old drama you would be able to buy everywhere. Sites I would recommend is Yes Asia and Amazon Also you can search on Ebay, you can usually find someone selling this.


Rainie Yang as Qi Yue

Qi Yue is a sweet and innocent  Sophomore in college who lives with her widowed mother. She is very shy and sometimes clueless, but has a loyal and kind heart that shines even through the toughest of times. She harbors a crush on the captain of the Baketball team, Yuan Yi, but her life is turned upside-down by Ahmon. Eventually, she falls out of love with Yuan Yi and starts developing feelings for Ahmon.

Mike He As Jiang Meng

Nicknamed Ah Meng and Ahmon by his fellow peers, he is the son of the president  of the school. He is a  freshman at the college, yet he has power over his teachers due to his father’s position. Ahmon is also frightening to a lot of people and is known to bully girls, yet he is also known as the “prince of seduction.” Despite his cool composure and “bad” attitude, Ahmon has a gentle side and often sticks up for what is right. Li Xiang has a crush on him, which he does not reciprocate, but Ahmon has feelings for Qi Yue.

Kingone Wang as Shang Yuan Yi

Yuan Yi is a boy in Qi Yue’s class teasingly nicknamed “Ah Yi (Auntie in Chinese)”, Captain of the basketball team. Qi Yue is initially in love with Yuan Yi for his gentle personality. Yuan Yi reciprocates her feelings and they become a couple. When Qi Yue falls in love with Ahmon, she breaks up with Yuan Yi, wishing not to lead him on.

Pei Lin as Qing Zi
Qing Zi is Qi Yue’s outspoken best friend. She and Xiao Cai are the ones who encourages Qi Yue to confess her love to Yuan Yi, even though Qing Zi herself had a crush on him. Qing Zi cares for Qi Yue a lot and spends a lot of effort in helping her.

Yuki as Yu Yang Ping

Yang Ping is Ahmon’s best friend who supports him. He used to be mocked by the middle school basketball teacher because he was overweight and he could not play well. Ahmon was quite defensive and protective over him and he beat up the teacher. This lead then to become good friends. He has feelings for Li Xiang, but she has a crush on Ahmon.

Fan Xiao Fan as Xin Li Xiang

In high school, she was an anti-social girl and acted snotty to all the girls in the class. Whenever she got bullied, Ahmon would protect her. Li Xiang has also developed a crush on Ahmon, calling him “Prince”. She would do anything to get Ahmon to notice her, she would even go as far as hiring girls to beat her up so Ahmon could “save” her.


This was the one of the first few Taiwanese drama that I watched. This was also when I was introduced to the two main leads who after watching this drama became my favourite Taiwanese actors. Rainie Yang did great in this drama. She has a very different sort of appeal.  She usually does very cute innocent characters. This was no different. Her many emotions was usually her making cute wide eyed looks. That is not to say its a bad thing. It did not actually get annoying even her voice is quite cutesy but she played the role really well and it went with how I would image her character to be portrayed. She can do the best emotional scenes that just make you get tears in your eyes  so her package is not just doing a cute character.

Mike He, who played the main lead is so cheeky cute looking. Their is always this glint in his eye especially when he played this role. When he smiled there was this very know it all glint and twinkle in his eyes. Gosh his cute. He was such a cute bad boy. I love dramas where the main lead is someone everyone presumes to be a delinquent when in fact his a sweet boy.  I know it gets done a lot but they fun to watch. Deceptions are fun xD The chemistry between Mike He and Rainie were really really exceptional and the scenes with them were so romantic they made me go all girly squealing on them. >_<

The two main leads were exceptional and this is the drama that made me look out more for more of their dramas. The whole of the cast were actually really good. Now on to the actual storyline.

The storyline is very romantic, fluffy kind of stuff. So if you are looking for some kind of serious drama to watch I don’t recommend this. This is a sweet drama that you watch when you are looking for something that is not realistic but entertaining.  Its a fun kind of drama, not a tragic one. So dont want it if you are looking for something very serious. Its a sweet romantic, comedy, silly at times and most of all fun to watch. The drama will actually keep you wondering what is going to happen.
There is only one problem I had with this drama and that was at the end. It dragged quite a lot. I used to get very frustrated because it kept going around in circles, Making me wonder what was going to happen and then when something happen the problem came again. This happened a few times so it was very annoying and near I just wanted to finish the drama.

Overall I think if you have just started to get into Taiwanese dramas then watch this. Its fun to watch this kind of drama as its a good storyline. Its also exciting and pretty good acting that will make you want to watch more Taiwanese dramas. Though I think it dragged a bit at the end I know a lot of people who will disagree with me and think it was good. So watch this drama if you want to watch a good romantic drama with fantastic and solid acting from the main lead.
Genre~ Romance, Comedy

Episodes~ 20

Ratings~ ****

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