DOCTORS Saikyou no Meii Review

The story follows a prodigal surgeon who works at a corrupt hospital. A kind doctor to his patients, he also has a darker side, using sometimes questionable means to punish colleagues who have forgotten their duties due to greed.

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Even though this drama was very short, eight episodes to be exact,  it was written very well and is a great drama. Doctors is a human drama which was full of excellent cast members who did a great job portraying their characters.  Started of with an introduction of the characters and flowed very well and ended with the characters being taught a great life lesson.

The cases were also very good and it gave very in-depth information about the medical field.  It gives a lot of good background information about what goes on behind the screen’s that the patient don’t see.  Like the relationship’s between the doctors and the nurse and their relationships between the doctors.

I loved all the characters though at the start I disliked the arrogant doctors aka Takaizumi, saski, dan, Mizuki and Moriyama Sempi but I liked how they slowly changed due to Kosuke Sagara plans. Dr. Kosuke Sagara the main character was played by Ikki Sawamura who did an excellent job of portraying a character who had a dark personality.  He  disciplined the doctors to become people who cared for other people rather then themselves even going drastic length to take them down a peg or two.

The only reason I gave this drama 4 stars and not five is that at the end I wanted a second season especially because a lot of relationships were left unanswered. I felt like it needed a little bit more to make it complete but other then that it was a good drama that was enjoyable.

You will like this drama if you like short dramas which contain life lesson. Its also contains a lot of comedy so its not a serious medical drama it is more about the relationships in a hospital.

Masanobu Takashima Suguru Moriyama

Masanobu Takashima - Suguru Moriyama


Manami Higa -Sachi Miyabe

Ikki Sawamura as Kosuke Sagara











Kurokawa Tomoka

Ito Ran

Nogiwa Yoko

Takizawa Saori

Ratings: ****

Genre: Human,

Episodes: 8

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