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Picture via Shirota (Shota Matsuda) has a weak disposition and works in a child consultation center. One day, his soul changes bodies with yakuza boss Jin Sabashima (Katsumi Takahashi) who lives in the same small town. After this, Masataka Shirota becomes strong willed, dispenses odd advice and boldy goes forth to save the lost children at the child consultation center…

Strange circumstances result in Shirota Masataka (Matsuda Shota), a child welfare officer at Kyohama Child Counselling Centre, suddenly switching souls with Sabashima Jin (Takahashi Katsumi), the hellish boss of the yakuza organisation Sabashima-gumi who even silences crying children. The two men find themselves in completely different worlds. Masataka had been a faint-hearted young man until then, but the soul swop transforms him into a hero who saves children that have turned to juvenile delinquency in spite of his aversion to them.

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A very hilarious ,light, meaningful and entertaining drama. Don Quixote is one of those amazing drama’s which contains life lessons to learn in each episode.  I had a lot of fun watching this drama. It made me laugh pretty hard except for the last episode which I feel was pretty rushed. It did feel like maybe there would be a season 2…

This is a body swap drama which is one of the genre’s I have always adored and I don’t think it works unless there are actors that can actually act. In this  drama both of the main actors, handsome Shota Matsuda and Katsumi Takahashi are able to swap their personalities and actually make it work. Matsuda played a very weak and soft child counselor but when he swapped bodies his acting as the mafia boss blew me away. It is pretty different from the usual characters he plays. He was acting more aggressive then his usual charming self.

The humor came from the actual change it self.  It was amusing to see how each character ended up trying to become the other person and changing each others lives and how they had to try to make it work because they could not change back. I liked the over dramatic scene with the very random moments. I was expecting a bit of romance but when there was none I was kind of glad because then this drama would have been the usual cliche style dramas that is so commen these days.

Really think this drama is worth a watch and I wish these kind of dramas were not underrated. It only has 11 episodes and is very funny. Shota Matsuda is in this drama which in itself is a plus. So if you are looking for a good comedy drama then this is it. Pure fun harmless entertainment.


Matsuda Shota as Shirota Masataka

Matsuda Shota as Shirota Masataka

Takahashi Katsumi as Sabashima Hitoshi

Takahashi Katsumi as Sabashima Hitoshi

Keihin Child Guidance Center

  • Kobayashi Satomi as Mizumori Mineko
  • Miyake Hiroki as Nishiwaki Sosuke
  • Ichikawa Miwako as Nanba Aki
  • Konno Mahiru as Kodama Kyoko
  • Tamura Ai as Noguchi Kaede
  • Watanabe Kenkichi as Omori Shinji


Sabashima Group

  • Uchida Yuki as Sabashima Ayumi
  • Matsushige Yutaka as Hyodo Daisuke
  • Yamane Kazuma as Yasu
  • Aoki Ken as Ken


  • Narumi Riko as Matsuura Sachiko
  • Reireisha Bafu as Iwashibara Shuzo
  • Ogi Shigemitsu as Ajisawa Takumi
  • Matsunaga Hiroshi as Akiyama
  • Kawakita Mayuko as Eri

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 11

Rating: ****


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