Fuyu no Sakura Review

Fuyu no Sakura” is described as a pure love story with similarities to the popular Korean drama “Winter Sonata” (titled “Fuyu no Sonata” in Japan). Kusanagi plays a gentle glass craftsman in Yamagata who has no experience in love. Imai plays an older housewife with a husband and daughter who goes on a trip alone to Yamagata, hoping to see sakura trees blooming in winter. She gets into an accident, but is saved by Kusanagi. He ends up tending to her, and the two are soon drawn to each other.

Theme song: Aishiteru tte Ienaku tatte by Yamashita Tatsuro

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Let me start by saying that my first impressions of this drama was not good. I disliked how over dramatic it was and what it stood for. That saying I think it pulled me in at the end and even though there were many aspects I still disliked about this drama I ended up liking this heart warming and an emotional, pure love story.

The storyline is romantic but complex. Its not the simple boy meets girl , they fall in love and they live happily ever after. It is very slow paced but ultimately shows you the changes in the characters. What their personality is really like and how other people can influence them to make decisions they would never make if they never existed.  I also think this story teaches a lesson about how people have responsibilities. Sometimes even if there is something you want, for other people’s sake or for respect you end up thinking about them just so you wont hurt them and be selfless. One person can change a lot of people.

The acting is actually quite good. Maybe it is because of the storyline but everyone had this very serene and calm, collected acting besides Takashima Masanobu because you know he was a very dynamic and had this mentally challenged and obsessive character. At times though there was this silent acting that could creep you out a bit, him watching his wife and literally stalking her, it was all done really in a really calm way.  I know he was not exactly playing a character which many people like but I do think his acting was really good. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi was also good playing  Inaba Yu. He has this very innocent style quality to him, his character was like an angel.  He was just simply a good person and he tried his best to make Imai Miki happy without making her uncomfortable or make her feel guilty. His brother and his girlfriend( Sato Takeru and Kato rosa) were those important side characters that brought a bit of humor in the drama.

Certain aspects of this drama did frustrate me. There were these moments in the drama where the storyline kept twisting and things kept happening and I just wanted it to get on with it! I disliked how the storyline was over the top with its emotional aspect. She was also selfish, I do not care if it made up for a beautiful story. The last episode also dragged a bit and I hated how they made it so predictable.

Anyway besides those certain factors I liked how this drama kept me interested in the storyline. It was slow at first but as I came to the ending it brought everything together quite well. They never left anything out. I do not think it is a fantastic drama but its not bad either. My conclusion is that it starts of slow but you watch it because you want to know what is going to happen. You wont like it if you like fast paced dramas or if you dislike emotional stories where it can get very predictable. If you want something very emotional go watch 1 liter of tears.


Episodes : 9

Genre: Sad, Romantic

Ratings: ***

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