Gakeppuchi no Eri Review

Aihara Eriko was born to a poor family in Kochi, and has lived an unhappy life of domestic abuse and bullying. Eriko, who has loved drawing pictures since young, is accepted by a Tokyo arts institute. At that moment, her stepfather, Shozo, dies in a car accident. With the support of her mother, Mitsuyo, Eriko manages to enrol in the arts institute. However, the poor Eriko cannot buy enough art materials and her professor also does not appreciate her drawings. Deciding that she has to make money by some means or other, Eriko decides to work part-time at a cabaret club. In order to fulfill her dream of making money through her drawings, she faces the succession of difficulties that descend upon her with characteristic pluck.

Trailer. The theme song is AAA’s newest single Makenai Kokoro due for release on 18th August 2010

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This drama really made me laugh and I enjoyed it immensely. This drama was really heart warming. In real life it would be super cheesy. The fact that the main character would do anything to achieve her dream was really sweet. Looking at the promotion picture I thought it would be another lame comedy but I was wrong.

I always like dramas that contain Host clubs and this one also contains hostess. Though I do not think this is about the life of a hostess its more to do with  Aihara Eriko, the main character who is played by Yamada Yu fighting to make her dream come true.  There was a lot of funny moment and scenes with triumphs. My favourite scene has to be when Aihara drinks all the hot sauce so she can win the bet from an annoying customer who claims that poor people will always be poor. I was all like Yay! Show that idiot how strong you are. I loved it and when she wins the money at the end, I felt good.

This is a great drama and I cant wait to watch the next episode. It makes you feel good and happy.

Genre~ Comedy, Family



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