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Galileo has a very interesting plot and the drama was something I did not expect.  It was full of science and the supernatural, at times it was also creepy. There was not a lot of episodes. Its always disappointing when a good drama have really less episodes. I think they could have carried this show on a bit more and bring in more audience.  The two main characters relationship also evolved quite slowly, it was not a fast process. This was quite a good thing because you notice how they each start to respect each other. The acting from all the main characters was excellent and I have never seen  either of them in any drama. The acting was clean and precise and  they had great chemistry between them.

Galileo is about a detective Utsumi Kaoru who solves crime that have an element of  the supernatural and weird in them. To help her solve these mysterious she seeks the help of the eccentric physics scientist Yukawa Manabu who is a genius.  Yukawa Manabu aids Utsumi Kaoru by solving these puzzles using his amazing experiments.

The soundtrack and the sets in this drama were fantastic and every episode featured something amazing. The main song is below. It really makes me think of 007. xD This was a great Japanese drama I really enjoyed it. This drama was not all serious it has a bit of comedy inside it as well. Reminded me of the English TV show “Numb3rs” because Yukawa also uses calculation to solve many of the cases. If you enjoyed this drama you may also enjoy Mr Brain.

Genre~ Supernatural,  detective, mystery,



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  1. Yes… i agree with you.. the episode is too short…. I really enjoyed this drama. Make me learn about physics again after graduate from my high school years ago…. Not always serious, sometimes funny, sometimes sad… I don’t think they will make for 2nd season although it will be good to watch Yukawa-sensei and Utsumi-kun again…. Like the song as well… I try looking for the novel but it not easy. I even don’t know whether the novel is released at my country….
    Would you like to tell me about Mr. Brain? Is it a Japanese drama also? Maybe I will watch this movie too if the story is good….

  2. ^_^ Thankfully it has a special called Galileo: Episode Zero which takes place three years before the main series and revolves around the case that is sometimes referenced in the main series and also a movie, Yougisha X no Kenshin (Suspect X’s Devotion) and is a continuation of the series. It is based on the third novel in the Galileo series of the same title. I have watched neither xP but let me know if its good if you decide to watch it^^
    I dont really know if the novel has been published in any other language besides Japanese which is a shame because I would also like to read it :( It was such good series
    Here is my Mr Brain Review. I loved this drama as well. Mystery drams are so much fun to watch! Take carex

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