God Hand Teru Review

This drama was really good the only disappointment for me was how few episodes there were. The acting from the actors and actresses was excellent and I liked the feeling that every episode gave me. It gave me this anticipation and excitement every episode. In each episode something exciting was happening and most of the episodes ended with a cliff hanger. I enjoyed this drama very much.

god hand teruDon’t expect this to be some serious medical show based on real life. It was more of a supernatural thing. Not that there is anything wrong with that because I really enjoyed it very much.  The surgeries are not graphic but you understand what is going on. Best thing about this drama, everyone was just so good looking. It was all just …*swoons* I loved all the actors and actresses especially the main ones. They really played everything out really well. All the emotions and expressions were great.

TeruGod Hand Teru is based on a manga, it’s about a boy called Mahigashi Teru. His father is a legendary surgeon. One day they were on a plane and got into and accident. His father saved Teru before he died. For this reason Teru vows to be the best surgeon and to never let any patient  die when they are in his hands. Teru is a seemingly slow and clumsy person who tries very hard. The other surgeons don’t see what is so amazing about him until a patience life is in danger Teru’s true powers emerge as God’s hands which allow him to save any patient when their lives are in danger.

This whole drama was very exciting and I really liked Hiraoka Yuta’s acting. He was really good and I fell in love with him at the end of the series. I really enjoyed this and could not wait for when the next episode. I wished there was a season 2 or even more episodes because it finished to quickly for me.

Genre~ supernatural, hospital, comedy,

Ratings~ ****

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  1. I also really enjoyed this series and also the music but the thing is I can’t find anywhere to dl the ost for god hand teru.

  2. Lol yes the OST’s of Japanese dramas are always hard to find =(

  3. what,s the actresse shinomio ?

  4. i mean what,s her name? sorry

  5. Its Mizukawa Asami ^^ If your click on the picture under the title main characters, the picture will go big so you can read all the character names.

  6. Hi…………… My name is Arezoo and living in Iran. I ‘m 16 yers old and like Yuta Hiraoka very very much . In Iran show the “God Hand Teru” on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.
    YUTA……………………..IS………………………MY………………..LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh my god that is awesome. I hope your enjoying it loads its a great drama and Yuta is very handsome xP

  8. Mansour says:

    is there gonna be another series like this or maybe a sequel to this?

  9. Not that I know of but there should be, it was too short

  10. this serial was very good i very enjoyed i love the seriales like this i hope that begin from another city and teru grow in the story

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