Good Life Arigato Papa Sayonara Review

The basis for the drama is the novel “Kashikogi” by author Cho Chang-in, which has sold 2 million copies in Korea since its publication in 2000. It has already been adapted as a television drama and a stage play in that country. On February 4, Shogakukan is publishing the book in Japan under the title “Good Life.” Sorimachi plays the part of Daichi Sawamoto, a newspaper reporter who has always prioritized his work over his family. When his wife suddenly leaves him, he finally notices the love he has been receiving from his son. Just as he decides to answer back, it is discovered that his son has leukemia. —Tokyograph


  • Theme song: Mata Ashita… by JUJU
  • Insert song: Hane by Hanae

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This drama was so fantastic that I missed not watching it every week after it finished. It left me feeling like I had watched something really special and I clearly remembered every single episode.  When I was watching it I was so riveted by the drama that I felt I was part of the show, sharing their emotions, entirely fascinated with the characters and their life and in my oppinion when you feel the same emotions as the characters in a drama you know the plot is remarkable and the acting was immaculate.

It is a very emotional and in some ways a tragic story that causes you to cry in every episode but it is all worth it because this drama is just to good to skip even if you hate dramas that upset you or over the top depressing dramas. I would say this dramas concept is the same as many other serious dramas like “Mother“, One Litre of Tears  and other such dramas. Even though the emotional concept is the same aka tragic, illness, abuse ect, Good life  has a better plot line in my opinion.

There are many reasons to watch this drama. Firstly how can you not watch a drama with one of the best actors in the Japanese entertainment industry?!  Sorimachi Takashi is amazing in every single drama he has ever acted in and did you see him in the trailer. He just acts so good. Another reason is Kabe Amon who plays the son, Sawamoto Waku. He is such a good actor and so adorable. He has this innocent quality which is just perfect for his character. He in some ways is also the narrator the whole time of the drama and it was so refreshing and different that I loved it.

The ending was a bit ambiguous. I was really unsure about it but it fitted the whole concept of the drama. Unfortunately I cannot tell you what I thought about it  without spoiling it a bit .So dont click on the spoiler if you have not watched it!!!  Don’t worry it does not make the drama any less amazing.


I loved this drama so much and it is really a shame that so many people are not reviewing it . It is really underrated because it is different and does not have the usual teenage romance stuff. Really think that it is one of the must watch dramas because seriously what more could you want from a drama? It has a great plot line, terrific acting and overall amazing emotional lines that really bring an emotion out of you.



Sawamoto Family


  • Sorimachi Takashi as Sawamoto Daichi
    • Sakaguchi Waku as young Daichi
  • Igawa Haruka as Sawamoto Kaori
  • Kabe Amon as Sawamoto Waku
  • Matsushige Yutaka as Daichi’s father
  • Ohkawa Masumi as Daichi’s mother

Meisei Medical College Hospital

  • Eikura Nana as Konno Nanami
  • Ihara Tsuyoshi as Maruyama Minato
  • Yamano Umi as the head nurse
  • Nagaike Natsuko as Adachi Yuka
  • Watanabe Kunito as Kuroki Keiji
  • Tajima Yurika as Inoue Eiko
  • Fukuda Atsuko as Minagawa Miki
  • Haruyama Rena as Kamata Miyoko
  • Hamura Junko as Mayama Miyavi
  • Jung Woo Sung as Dr Lee (ep6,7)

Genre: Human Family

Rating: *****

Episodes: 11

 All pictures via official website.


  1. Hello. i think the same as your.this drama is wonderful.i am watching the episode 6 and i already love this drama,i cried in all the episodes,kabe amon is so adorable (poor waku kun)i loved this child in this drama he is so sweet,and also sorimachi takashi is a really star,he is a very good actor,all the people should see this drama .this drama is one of my favorites jdramas,It’s perfect!
    zorry for my possible typo mistakes,i ´speak english

    God bless you!

  2. I loved the drama as well. It was wonderful and very underrated. Dont worry about your typos have you seen how many I make? xP ^^ Thank you x

  3. It was an amazing series, I marathoned it from eps 5 to 11 (even thou after the final eps I only had 4 hours till i had to get up for work!) It was simply a breath of fresh air. The series had me glued to every eps and also had me in tears.

    Sorimachi Takashi was amazing as always, last I saw of him was Dream Again so I jumped on this series as soon as I saw his name. But to me the real star was the kid, he carried most of the show and every time he popped on screen he delivered his lines perfectly. The damn kid made me cry every time lol

    Overall I enjoyed this series very much so, I haven’t been watching much jdrama lately but this and Rich man, Poor woman has gotten me back into it. More i tells ya!


  4. Haha the kid was an amazing actor. My friend keeps telling me to watch rich man poor women she also said its pretty addictive. I am watching Ghost mama sousasen mostly because I love Nakama Yukie. Its a cute drama. Only nine episodes though :-(

  5. Oh everything with my home boy Oguri Shun is a must watch (excluding Binbo Danshi and maybe Juu Dolittle) Rich man, Poor woman was addictive after like the 3rd eps you just keep wanting to see how their relationship unfolds. Ishihara satomi was adorable in the role if i was Oguri Shuns character i would have wifed her on day one lol. Her acting might seem awkward at first but if you understand the character shes portraying (low self esteem, zero confidence) then its spot on. Ghost mama? ill have to keep an eye out for that. I hella enjoy Jdrama (its my secret guilty pleasure lol) So I have trouble finding someone to convers about it. Oh the glory of the internet…. being able to talk about the most unmanliest things and still stay anonymous lol

    Alright now to dust off the rest of Buzzer Beat…

    Looking forward to more of your Jdrama reviews.


  6. LOL! Thank you :-)

  7. I ended up watching rich man poor women on the weekend every single episode one after another >_<

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