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The basis for the drama is the novel “Kashikogi” by author Cho Chang-in, which has sold 2 million copies in Korea since its publication in 2000. It has already been adapted as a television drama and a stage play in that country. On February 4, Shogakukan is publishing the book in Japan under the title “Good Life.” Sorimachi plays the part of Daichi Sawamoto, a newspaper reporter who has always prioritized his work over his family. When his wife suddenly leaves him, he finally notices the love he has been receiving from his son. Just as he decides to answer back, it is discovered that his son has leukemia. Igawa plays Sawamoto’s wife, Eikura plays a pediatrics specialist, and Ihara plays a doctor. —Tokyograph

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This is my first impressions of this drama. I have only watched 4 episodes so far but this drama has really fascinated me. I usually skip dramas where I know they will be get me all emotional but due to the fact that I have always felt that Takashi Sorimachi is one of the best talented actors since his GTO days I decided to watch it. His acting is really good. I have never seen him play a serious and a very complex character before.  Its quite fascinating to watch his background story come out in the drama. Shows you why his character is the way he is.

The synopsis already tells you what is coming along. You know its going to make you emotional but what you don’t expect is the  dynamic relationships it shows you. You dont expect this depth of characters in such an emotional drama. You would expect them to concentrate on the illness and how everyone reacts to it but even though it shows that it is actually more about the love between the character especially the Father and the Son.

Kabe Anon, the young actor who plays the son “Sawamoto Waku” is an absolute delight to watch. I don’t remember him much from the drama Lady where he had a guest role but here playing the main character, he is so adorable and such a good actor. He really comes across as the young boy who knows something is wrong but also has that innocence of a child. He plays it remarkably well. His chemistry with his on screen father is also very good. Excellent Child actor and I hope we see more of him in the future.


Since I have only seen 4 episode I cannot say it will be as good all the way through but I have high hopes for it and am positive that the ending will not disappoint me. Its a drama about a life changing event that can change what your priorities are. It shows you love between Family and how sometimes you have to be unselfish and really show someone you love them before it is too late.  Even if like me you dislike dramas that make you cry >.> I really dont think you should skip this drama.  It is quite a tear jerker but it is written really well and is in no way over the  top dramatic storyline. It has an emotive storyline, talented acting and something that will make you think even after it ends.

Genre: Human, Drama, Family

Ratings: *****


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