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Happily coming home.

Kanno plays the part of Meiko Nogami, a woman with a beautiful and kind heart. But 15 years ago her older sister’s husband and son were killed and Meiko was falsely charged with the crime. She is released from prison 12 years later, and she resumes life as a pet groomer, but inside she is burning for revenge. As she searches out the truth behind the original murders, she leads the men around her to their destruction and death. Tamaki is taking on the role of a police detective who becomes attracted to Meiko even as he is investigating her as a suspect.

Theme song: Kono Yoru wo Tomete yo by JUJU

Other song : Guilty by The New Classics


The glare.

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This drama hooked me on from the first episode. Its very intriguing and different from the usual typical drama. The storyline is very interesting and the best thing about it is that it keeps you interested through out the whole drama. Every episode was interesting. You want to know what happens next, you want to watch more.  A thriller, suspense with

Staring Match

twists all combined made this one of the best dramas to watch of 2010

There has not been a lot of serious Japanese drama’s that I have enjoyed since Mother (click for review) so this one pleasantly surprised me. This drama had so much depth and a very solid plot which could get very emotional at times.

The best thing through out the drama was the fact that I  could not figure out the main character. Is she good? Is she bad? What is she up to!? It was so confusing and her emotions were all in check. She could make the same cold expression throughout the whole drama with only some slight changes. This role she played is what kept me wanting to watch more. I really needed to know the ending of the drama. Usually a cold expression

Holding hands

would mean bad acting but in this drama it worked.

Miho Kanno did a great job in this drama and I havent seen her play a good role for a while.  Her chemistry with Tamaki Hiroshi was really good. I actually did watch this drama for Tamaki but even though he did well I actually think that Miho Kanno was the one who stole all the limelight. Her character was amazing. There was a strong element of romance which was playing very lightly through out the drama which had a big role at the end.  Their kiss was magical.

creepy journalist

I also liked the Journalist. He was one of those side characters that added a little bit more to the drama. In some ways he was an important character though he could be quite creepy. He was played by Toshiaki Karasawa (Galileo)

The drama came together really well. The ending was very romantic but sad.  The ending was the biggest surprise. Especially ending of the last 3 episodes but over all the last episode ended in an unimaginable way.  I usually hate endings like this but it fitted so well with the drama that I would not have it any other way.  It made me cry =(

I love You

This drama was something else and I liked the storyline a lot. I think this drama is really worth watching if you are looking for something different, something with a strong storyline and good acting. It was very emotional, sad, thrilling, exciting drama to watch. There was an element of revenge through out the drama and it showed how far people would go to prove their innocence and what a waste acts of revenge can be.


Miho Kanno as Meiko Nogami

Miho Kanno as Meiko Nogami

Hiroshi Tamaki as Takuro Mashima: Via official

Hiroshi Tamaki as Takuro Mashima


  • Kichise Michiko as Enomoto Mari
  • Mikami Kensei as Tsurumi Masato
  • Yoshida Kotaro (吉田鋼太郎) as Ukita Hajime
  • Karasawa Toshiaki as Dojima Kiichi
  • Rikiya as Kadokura Ryo
  • Moro Morooka as Miwa Shuhei
  • Takizawa Saori as Yabe Ayano
  • Yokoyama Megumi as Osanai Kotomi
  • Iwamoto Masuyo as Nogami Chizu

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery,




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