Hotaru no Hikari Season 2 Review

Three years ago, the heart of Amemiya Hotaru, the ‘dried up female’, had settled on Takano ‘Buchou’, and the ‘dried up female’ was supposed to have grown up … However, right after that, Hotaru was posted as a project team member to far-away Hong Kong. She is cut off from ‘Buchou’ and devotes herself to work. Then, three years later, Hotaru returns to Japan after finishing the project. She is assigned to the First Planning Department, where ‘Buchou’ belongs, and immediately begins work as one of the team members. However, both the staff as well as the mood in the company have changed a great deal. The planner, Seno Kazuma, who seems to be a frivolous guy, leaves work at precisely 5.00 p.m. because he is on a ’9 to 5 contract’. Another colleague, Sakuragi Mika also quickly goes back once she has “finished her own work”. Meanwhile, ‘Buchou’ and Hotaru work as mere superior and subordinate. Big Sister Yamada and Futatsugi Shoji, who are aware of the development between the two of them, whisper to each other, “Once a man and woman are separated for three years, they will no longer be like they used to,” as they watch Takano and Hotaru, “A person will change after three years. I am different from the person I was at that time. You’re the only one who hasn’t changed.” ‘Buchou’ leaves Hotaru and goes to meet the lovely Asada Konatsu. “What have I done these three years?”


Opening Song


Ayase Haruka as Amemiya Hotaru
An office lady at SW Build Corporation’s First Planning Department. She looks like an office lady but is in reality a lazy person who loves to lounge around at home. On rest days, she is the typical ‘dried up female’ who loves nothing better than “being herself”, “afternoon naps, manga, beer” with her hair in a top knot and clad a jersey. She was transferred to Hong Kong for work, but has returned to Japan after three years. She was supposed to make a fresh start in the house where ‘Buchou’ is but …

Fujiki Naohito as Takano Seiichi
The head of SW Build Corporation’s First Planning Department. Hotaru’s boss and former housemate. Takano is a dependable manager who holds the department together. He is respected and trusted by the members of the department for the consistent manner in which he makes well-planned, levelheaded judgments. He enjoys the disparity between Hotaru’s appearance at office and at home, and feels like he is observing a rare twenty-something creature, the ‘dried up female’. However, his new-found feelings for Hotaru start to grow …

Kimura Tae as Asada Konatsu
A woman who has initiated contact with ‘Buchou’. Beautiful and gentle, she is perfect female whom Amemiya Hotaru cannot match. Her husband died in an accident three years ago and she has been raising their daughter, Chinatsu, by herself. She drives Hotaru nuts because of her intimate meetings with ‘Buchou’ but …

Mukai Osamu as Seno Kazuma
A staff of SW Build Corporation’s First Planning Department. A contract employee, he works fixed hours because he is on contract. He comes across as flippant but is good at his work and popular with females. At first, he takes no interest Amemiya Hotaru, who has no charm, and makes fun of her as a toy. However, in the process, they become good friends who can talk about anything.

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I must say that I did enjoy this drama but not as much as the first season.  Usually when they make a sequel to dramas they are usually really, really terrible but Hotaru no Hikari surprised me.

When  I first watched the first season (Review here) I really did enjoy it a lot but at the end of the drama I felt it was unfinished so when I heard there was a second season, I got very happy. I started watching it as soon as the subbers got it out.

Though I was not disappointed with this second season there was something that annoyed me a lot. First was how there was a love rival in the drama. It annoyed me because I just wanted her to be with Buchou ( Takano Seiichi) but I must admit Seno, played by Mukai Osamu was quite charming.

The comedy from the first season was still there  and as always Hotaru and Buchou made me laugh so much. Everytime they were together I just could not stop laughing at their antics.  This time round they played more on the romance part between them which was really quite cute and made me all sigh and giggle every time something cute and adorable happen.  I loved how Hotaru is always trying to please Buchou and doing her best at everything but somehow she always fails. Her character is just so likeable.

Though it did have  the same good stuff as the first season this second season did lose a bit of its magic. Sometimes the same thing happened again and again and some episodes would get really boring with too much dialogue. There was also the ending which really upset me and also made me want another season. Its like each season they never finish the ending how its suppose to be or how you would like it to end. Like the first season where it was an open ending where everyone could interpret what would happen next. This season also ended like that and it is sooo frustrating!

Overall I have to say this is a much watch for people who loved the first season. I dont think you should start from this season as you will get confused. This season was nearly as good as its first season and if you missed the main characters and the humour this second season will remind you of why. With great chemistry, humour and a good enough storyline, its a good season to watch.

Genre ~ Romance, Comedy
Episodes ~11

Ratings ~ ****

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