Hotaru No Hikari

I really enjoyed this drama the only disappointment was the final episode. It left me wanting more as I thought the ending was very incomplete. It was everything I wanted a drama to be but the ending was just not it as it was unfinished but I just recently found out there will be a second season and I am so happy and excited! The acting of the drama was flawless, from the main cast to the sub casts. They were all very good at portraying the characters they were playing but at times I did think Yoshida Riko’s acting was a bit stiff, he did not show as much facial expression but non the less it did not effect the drama. My favourite character has to be Hotaru who is played by Ayase Haruka. She was so funny and adorable, there is nothing bad that I can say about her. She is what made this drama fun to watch in my opinion.

Hotaru No Hikari translated to “Glow of the Fireflies” is an adaptation of the manga by the same name created by Hiura Satoru. The plot of the drama is about a twenty something girl, Amemiya Hotaru who is an office lady working for a famous interior designer company which is considered a very glamorous job. At work Hotaru is a picture of a sophistication and a classic lady but at home its an entirely different story. She has become what “they” call “dried fish” She lives alone in a rented apartment, is very messy, drinks and spends her time around the house in training clothes. Hotaru has no interest in men or love. “I’d rather lay around than fool around,” is her motto.

One day her landlords son comes to inspect the rented property unaware that Hotaru stays there. Due to the fact that he separated from his wife he needs a place to stay but imagine his shock when he finds that someone is staying there. Hotaru is also very shocked as her landlords son is her boss Takano who now knows exactly how Hotaru actually is. Her life start to become more complicated when her boss ends up staying with her and she also ends up falling for a new employee named Makoto.

The preview of this drama is below. Doesnt it look fun?! This drama is really worth watching and I cannot wait till the second season comes out, I am very excited. =) This drama is pure simple cuteness and fun. Its really very enjoyable and I recommend it a lot. Watch it or I shall…damn cant do anything.xD Watch it and you wont regret it. You can watch this drama at the following links.

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The main theme song of this drama is sang by aiko called “Yokogao” The MV is below. Its a beautiful song and it fits the drama really well.


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