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Eun Chae Ryung is a spoiled daughter who had always completely relied on her father. When he is involved in an accident one day, she finds herself rudely awakened from her sheltered life and forced to mature, encountering numerous hardships before she gradually becomes an independent person.DramaWiki


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Review This drama really surprised me due to the fact that after watching the first episode I did not really think it would get better. The first episode was so dull, I was tempted to actually skip the whole drama. I did not get hooked on it from the first episode .  Thankfully I actually ended up watching it and watched the second episode which I had downloaded that same time. The drama kicked off and I became obsessed.


Hmm Sitting thinking

Like many Korean drama’s this drama is pretty dramatic and sometimes very unrealistic.  The drama at first was not perfect but it had the potential to become something really good and after a few episodes and it did become something amazing. Its quite a serious and emotional drama. Its made me cry in every single episode, I felt like such an Emo after every episode. I was watching it with my sister and she laughed at me every time I was sniffing away. She was like “Are you really crying!” I was all …”Its so…*sniff* sad” =_=

The acting is quite good so any holes in the actual drama itself especially the storyline can be covered up well due to the  acting.

The show is full of quite new Kpop singer/actors. You have Donghae  from Super Junior, Kang Min Hyuk of CN Blue ,Ae Ryung use to be in Baby Vox and Nam Ji Hyun who is in 4minute, Kang Sung from Cerulean Blue. So you get to hear a lot of good songs. The soundtrack is pretty good.

The actor Park In Hwan who is playing the Father, Eun Ki Hwan, is so very likeable. He is by far the best father ever. So caring and sweet and his acting was actually very good. He was kind of my favourite person in the drama. Moon Chae Won plays Eun Chae Ryung the spoilt daughter is very annoying at the start because she is so spoilt and I felt she was just using her dad.  As the story progress her character had a chance to grow and you start to like her. The acting was actually good. The other sister Eun Ae Ryung  who is played by Lee Hee Jin is the perfect daughter. I liked her quite a lot. She has quite a different look, not your usual kind of pretty. The rest of the family were also good actors but I disliked her mother at certain times. Besides this you have the bad guy Park Jong Suk  who is Jun Tae Soo . I disliked him very much. Not his acting of course, his acting was pretty good. He makes you hate him just like an evil character is suppose to so bravo to him.  His good at playing a bad guy, he can be quite creepy, might remember him from Sungkyunkwan Scandal. The writers made the characters grow on to you and because their personality develops quite a lot they all very likeable.

I think this drama is really underrated. I know many people will watch this drama for Donghae but it really is worth watching. The story is unique in itself and I know many people will stop after the first episode but please don’t because it will surprise you and you will not regret it.  Its very entertaining because something dramatic happens every episode and you cant stop yourself from watching the next one. I wish there was more then 17 episodes.

I think what gives this drama something special is the way the writers made the characters pick themselves up every time something bad happened.  I suppose its about courage and moving forward, doing something with yourself not for selfish reasons but for other people you care about.

I really recommend this drama for a few reasons. Firstly because of the good acting from all the idols and actors, secondly the great storyline, thirdly its different and finally because…well I enjoyed it xP I have no doubt other people will like it to. Dont let a good drama pass you just because you don’t know the actors or the storyline looks boring because it can just surprise you and be great.  You wont know how good this drama is unless you watch it yourself.


Genre: Romance, Family Drama

Episode: 17

Ratings: *****



  1. I don’t understand how people can say the storyline is boring lol.
    I watched it because of it. I always loved story who involves “daddy thing” and I find it so underrated by people in general.

    Anyway, at first, even though I was attracted by the title and story, I was “afraid” to watch it because I know I will be sad after every episode and well, I hate be sad xD.
    But, I would never ever regret watching this drama.
    Perso, this story is pretty different of most dramas because the main thing isn’t the romantic relationship but more about … relation between people, worth of human beings.
    I really loved how almost every character called the daddy “father” even if there isn’t any blood related. It’s just beautifully awesome. And me too, I loved the dad’s character, soo nice and caring. It just makes me cry to see him being used by his “former” in law (the family of his exgirlfriend’s son) and by the evil guy.
    Sometimes, I could understand the mother’s bitterness because all her kids prefered him over her.

    For the worth human being, I loved how the “poor” and “young” character worked their ass off and even if they had nothing (money speaking), they looked so happy together and that’s why you are attracted by them. (like Jung Se Yeon when she found out the truth, she runs away and found a kind of new home)
    Even if he is rich, Park Jong Suk isn’t a human. He is so mean, so cruel, doesn’t have any respect and he is a crybaby before his parents. I loved to hate his character. The actor is awesome to be able to act so well.

    Eun Chae Ryung made me angry sometimes because she was so useless. But I love how they make her become more and more strong and independant.

    For Lee Hee Jin, I agree about the different kind of pretty. I loved her in The Greatest Love and I wondered how she will act a different character but she did well.
    People tend to say that Yoon Eun Hye is the famous one of Baby Vox but Lee Hee Jin is doing very well right now 😀

    I think I wrote a book lol.
    Anyway, thank you so much for your review ! I liked it !

    P.S. I find kind of weird people who watch a drama because of an actor/idol. I mean it’s such a waste because in a drama, the more important should be the story and the acting and not “OH MY GOOOOD, he/she is so hot !”
    Well, that’s my though.
    But thanks to the drama, DongHae became my favorite of Super Junior and it’s the same for Nam Ji Hyun of 4minute lol.

    I RECOMMAND THIS DRAMA VERY VERY MUCH ! If you don’t watch it, you will waste their life and you will never know how good can be a drama and how it can be called ART !

  2. aww I loved your comment. Am so glad someone else liked this drama because I have read that so many people disliked it but I honestly really looked forward to every episode. I enjoyed how much respect the family had for their father. So sweet. Thanks for reading my review =)

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