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In the drama, Matsushima plays a mysterious housekeeper named Mita Akari, whose age is a secret and who is completely unsociable. However, she is perfect in her housework, and through her work she resolves hidden issues among the family members of the homes she is dispatched to. Despite her clients? eventual wishes to keep her as a permanent housekeeper, she always moves on to the next job, where a fresh set of domestic problems await. –Tokyograph

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Theme song – Yasashiku Naritai by Saito Kazuyoshi

 Matsushima Nanako as Mita Akari
A super domestic helper who does housework such as cooking and washing to perfection. However, she does not smile or fawn on others, is always emotionless and her expressions cannot be read at all. She does whatever work she is tasked with in the same way. At times, that surprises the people around her and the parties concerned have to look reality in the face.

 Hasegawa Hiroki as Asuda Keiichi
The head of the sales division with Sawai Homes, a home builder. He had a “shotgun” marriage with Yuki Nagiko, who is two years his senior. She bore him four children – Yui, Kakeru, Kaito and Kii – but he has little consideration as a father, and feels suffocated when he is with his family. The times when he feels relaxed are when he is in the toilet or car.
 Aibu Saki as Yuki Urara
The younger sister of Asuda Keiichi’s wife, Nagiko and a physical education teacher at the high school that Keiichi’s eldest daughter, Yui, attends. She has a cheerful nature, but the things she does always backfires on her because she cannot read situations. Keiichi’s children annoy her by saying, “It’s no good to have Urara come.”
Hiraizumi Sei as Yuki Toshiyuki
The father of Asuda Keiichi’s wife, Nagiko. A former school principal. He has detested Keiichi since the start of the marriage and believes that Keiichi is to blame for his daughter’s death.
 Shirakawa Yumi as Harumi Akemi
The head of Akemi Domestic Help Agency. She understands Mita Akari well, and worries about her emotionally numb state.
 Kutsuna Shiori as Asuda Yui
Asuda Keiichi’s eldest daughter. A second year high school student who belongs to the photography club. Her mother’s death came as a shock to her and she cannot put her heart and soul in photography. Because she hates home, she wishes to get out of it as soon as possible. She thinks that she does not have to pull herself together at home, but gets irritated when things go wrong.
 Taishi Nakagawa as Kakeru Asuda
 Shuto Ayabe as Kaito Asuda
 Miyu Honda as Kii Asuda

Credit : JDrama Weblog, Asianmediawiki, Crunchyroll


This Japanese drama was very heart warming and full of delightful scenes.  Like many good Japanese dramas it contained life lessons. It exceeded the 40% viewership rating which according to the media was the first time since the year 2000.

The drama had a flawless plot line which flawed even until the end. There was a proper beginning, middle and an end to the drama. They also got along with the story right from the start and did not waste any time with useless unimportant details. It was a mystery mixed with psychological and heart warming moments. Sometimes the drama also got very emotional.

I personally believe that the person that made this drama amazing was Matsushima. (Hana yori Dango, GTO)  She was perfectly flawless and her acting was amazing. Even though she was suppose to be a robot without emotion she really shined through which just shows how versatile her acting is. The acting from the other characters were okay. Sometimes a bit over the top but it did not spoil the drama thankfully.  I thought they were more likeable towards the ending due to the fact the family was too dysfunctional and unlike able at the start of the drama.  They were pretty complex characters who changed for the better.

There is no major romance in the drama but even though it sounds like a mysterious and very serious drama it was not dull at all. There was comedy scenes mostly due to Yuki Urara, the auntie who was played by Aibu Saki ( Rebound, buzzerbeat, zettai kareshi,)  Think very clumsy and adorable character. I loved watching her even though I know she was annoying she was one of those characters that brought a light hearted humour to the drama so it did not become so serious.

Overall I really enjoyed this drama. It was perfect. I believe that the good ratings also should give you enough curiosity to check this drama out. Perfect acting and I think it was one of the best Japanese dramas that made a good ending to 2011.

Genre: Mystery, Family

Episodes: 11

Rating : *****

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  1. Awesome~. Great drama. Delivered as expected, if not better. =3 All characters are memorable.

  2. Nanako Matsushima’s acting was AMAZZZZZIIING!!

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