Kingdom of the winds- Review

Kingdom of the winds

I loved this drama!. It was the kind of drama where I looked forward to every single week, anticipating the next episode. Sometimes I just could not wait for the new episode I just wanted to watch it.  This drama was fantastic! I loved the acting, the actors, the drama, the characters, the clothings, the fighting scene and just everything else in it.

KingSo this drama is based Prince Moo Hyul, a prince who was born with a curse that he would kill his own family and his own kingdom. His father King Yuri tries to do the right thing by pretending to kill his son for the sake of his people who have suddenly started to see trouble at their village which makes them think that the new born baby seems like a bad omen who was the cause of the poison water and dead animals when in actual reality it was the evil sangga (Kim Byung Gi) of the Biryu clan.

The king starts to get haunted by the prophecy given to him by the sorceress and decides to sacrifice his own son, his brother hears about what the king is about to do and gets pretty upset.  His sister unaware of what is happening gives him a necklace so that she would always recognize him.  The son is abandon as the King cannot kill his son but he pretends he has killed the crown prince in front of the people.

PrinceSlowly the son grown up unaware he is the crown prince. Insert lots of other dramatic things that happen. Such as him falling in love and other random things that happen. He goes through lots of trails and tribulations till he becomes who is suppose to become.

So regarding this drama, I have heard some people disliked it because of the over dramatic scenes and stuff but I loved it! It was just amazing from start to finish. I personally just liked this drama a lot even though there is a lot of episodes, I enjoyed every single one of them. Of course at times I may have wish it was different such as the ending but I still liked it quite  lot.

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Genre~ Historical, romance, action, drama, fantasy



Main Characters~

King Yuri

Jung Jin Young as King Yuri

Prince Moo Hyul

Song Il Gook as Prince Moo Hyul / Daemusin

Do JIn

Park Gun Hyung as Do Jin

Princess Yeon

Choi Jung Won as Princess Yeon


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