King of Baking Kim Tak Goo Episode 2 Review

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Episode 2 Review

Always in a drama I wish that somehow brothers that don’t know about each other end up like each other on the first go. But who am I kidding, this is a Korean drama and it makes it much more interesting I suppose. I am glad I watched the next episode as soon as I was free because it was really exciting to watch this show. Very intense and I really like the music.  The mother of Kim Tak Goo, Kim Mi sun is really lovely. I love how she deals with her child throughout this episode. You can just see the love she has for him and she has a very unique way of dealing with his brattyness.

Yum bread


On the other I can say the same about the other son and his relationship with his mother. Ma Jun is also very spoilt due to his mothers attetion even his strict granma doesnt know how to keep him on his toes and She is a hell of a horrible grandmother. The scenes where the granmothr hits Ma Jun, is very hard to watch. I really felt sorry for him but thank god for overprotectve mothers because in one scene i really thought Ma jun would bleed to death due to his granmothers caning.

Oh my the drama

Lovely Grin

Not everything was depressing, some moments were really very funny. Kim Tak Goo is also a very smart boy and I think that he is a very smart and likeable boy much more then Ma Jun due to the fact that he is very cold. My favourite scene has to be the moment where Tak Goo mans up for stealing the breads in the first episode.

The final scene was amazing Spoiler : When Han Seung Jae was chasing Tak Goo’s mother I thought that’s it nothing will happen but then Tak Goo ran off screaming for help and his father and Ma Jun turned around. It ended in a total cliff hanger and I really cant wait to watch the next episode. This drama is awesome!


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