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Gong Ah Jung, a level 5 Ministry of Culture official, gets entangled in a web of lies when she mistakenly lies that she’s married to Hyun Ki Joon, a hotel manager from an affluent family. Their relationship is further complicated when Ki Joon’s ex-fiancée and a close friend of his brother’s, Oh Yoon Joo, reappears in his life



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Yoon Eunhye as Gong Ahjung:

Yoon Eunhye as Gong Ahjung:

Yoon Eunhye as Gong Ahjung:

Gong Ahjung works for the Korean tourist organization. She’s almost 30 and still single. How come? Well maybe because her good friend stole her crush and married him. When she meets that friend again, she lies, saying that she got married, and then before she knows it, rumors start circulating about her marriage to Hyun Gijoon, the most successful guy out there that everyone in Korea knows.


Kang Ji Hwan as Hyun Ki Joon

Kang Ji Hwan as Hyun Ki Joon

Kang Jihwan as Hyun Gijoon:

Hyun Gijoon is a rich and successful businessman that everyone in Korea recognizes. His face is plastered on every magazine and all these billboards. He is very prim and strict, and has this pet peeve about making sure that everything’s in its right place, clean and tidy. For example, he hates unbuttoned shirts or items that are slightly placed off their designated spot.

Sung Joon as Hyun Sanghee:

Sung Joon as Hyun Sanghee:

Sung Joon as Hyun Sanghee:

Hyun Sanghee is Gijoon’s brother that recently returns from Spain. He avoids meeting his brother again because in the past, they both liked the same girl, and Gijoon got engaged to her. However, because of Sanghee, Gijoon broke off the engagement, and then Sanghee left for Spain. He meets Ahjung and is instantly attracted to her because of her quirky and interesting character, and then by fate, they meet again.

Jo Yoonhee as Oh Yoonjoo:

Jo Yoonhee as Oh Yoonjoo:

Jo Yoonhee as Oh Yoonjoo:

Oh Yoonjoo was engaged to Gijoon, but Sanghee also liked her and couldn’t bear seeing the girl he liked become his sister-in-law, so Gijoon broke off the engagement. She returns from Paris after 3 years and still has feelings for Gijoon. The two start dating again, but Gijoon finds himself only with her not because he likes her, but because he doesn’t want to hurt her again





I cannot deny that I initially watched this drama because of Yoon Eun Hye . As a  big fan of her work I was hoping this drama would be really good and she could have a good comeback unfortunately I did not like this drama as much as I wanted to.  It is the usual romantic, draggy and cliche drama. I tried really…really hard to like this but I got bored of it.

Like most dramas this season it started of really well, very funny and sweet but in the middle of the whole thing, it kind of just dragged on. Thing’s just kept happening and it got to the point where I could not wait for the drama to end.

One thing that annoyed me was that because of her annoying, immature friend with the horrible attitude she had to lie.  Another thing is that they fell for each other really quick. The kissing scene was in the third episode, got to say though  it was a hell of a kiss. >_<   Also there was these moments when there were all these conflicts for no reasons what so ever. So silly honestly.

There were some scenes that I did actually love though. There was this romantic moment when they kissed under blossoms. It was so pretty *_* and just moments when the two  of them were together because their chemistry with each other was amazing.

The drama has a horrible story line and I wished it was better because the character chemistry was really good and I loved watching them together.  After episode 12 I just kind of gave up on it.  Only liked the random cute scenes and I liked the restaurant/cafe Gong Ah Jung kept going to. I also want to try that cake she always ate..looked delicious!  Now to watch this drama or not.

If you like your simple and cute dramas which are just entertaining then this drama is for you. It is not a terrible drama, its just not the best it could have been.  It is like countless many other Korean dramas. The actors are amazing and the chemistry between them was so lovely to watch and for me that was the only positive thing. You will not like this drama if you are looking for something with more depth and something that is different because I can guarantee that you will get bored after episode 11.

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Episodes: 16

Ratings: ***


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