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Adapted from Keiko Suenobu’s manga “LIFE,” this drama delves into the dark side of high school life. The story focuses mainly on bullying, but the manga also touches on subjects such as self-mutilation, suicide, and rape. Kitano Kii stars as Ayumu Shiiba, one of the students bullied by a group of classmates led by Ayumu’s former friend, Manami Anzai

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This drama came out in 2007 so it is pretty old but I really think that you should give it a go if you have not watched it yet. Its quite fast paced and the plot does have a few holes in it but at the end of the drama you are left with a valuable lesson.

Very graphically and explicit scenes of bullying in this drama make you realise that bullying is not something to be taken lightly. Its very human and in some ways I think they should show it at school so then people can really see the effects of bullying. I know that the rate of bullying in Japan is pretty high. There is even reports of teachers hitting and sometimes dangerously injuring / killing children. (source) Not saying bullying does not happen in other countries just that its pretty high in Japan. They should show this in their schools as well. This Drama pretty much is a live show of bullying.

The acting of all the characters was especially good and you know its amazing how they were all teens when they acted in this. Made it all the more authentic. I have to say the bully  Manami Anzai (Fukuda Saki) was amazing. Her expression and just the way the viciousness was in her eyes was completely creepy.

If you like your serious dramas then this drama is for you. There is not a lot of episodes and it does not drag but its very graphic so stay away if you cannot handle things that will pretty much shock you.


Kitano Kii as Shiiba Ayumu
Fukuda Saki as Anzai Manami
Hosoda Yoshihiko as Sako Katsumi
Hojo Takahiro as Sonoda Yuuki
Seki Megumi as Hatori Miki
Hoshii Nanase as Hirose Nodoka
Suenaga Haruka as Iwamoto Midori
Natsume Suzu (夏目鈴) as Uda Rie
Nakamura Tomoya as Kano Akira
Hirano Sayaka (平野早香) as Sato Reina
Yamada Kenta (山田健太) as Endo Koichi
Uemura Chika (うえむらちか) as Kadokura Yukino
Genre: School, Drama

Ratings: ****


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