Majisuka Gakuen Review

I enjoyed this drama, surprisingly even though it did not seem like it would be such a good one, due to the fact that the actresses are not exactly well known to me but they are a well known idol group called AkB48 which have about 16 members in 3 groups who have their own theatre where they perform every weekday.

The drama was really enjoyable, I loved every moment of it. It was full of action in every episode and the main character was extremely enjoyable to watch as were the other characters. The best thing about this drama was the lesson it taught, it was not just some random girls fighting, there was a lesson to be learnt at the end of the episode. A beautiful lesson about friendship. Its does not have great acting and the storyline was really lame but it was entertaining.

This drama is about two new students who start at a school called Majisuka Gakuen where the students are all girls. The school consists of violence and Yankee students who fight at a regular basis with each other and other schools.  One of the new students, Daruma attracts attention as soon as she came into the school field starting a fight with other students. The students know that one of the girls is dangerous but they mistaken Daruma as the one who they have heard rumours about. The other student Maeda comes across a silent and does not seem to fit into this school but what a surprise it is for the students when Maeda saves Daruma when they ask her if she is serous. It seems the word “”Majisuka” (are you serious) which awakens her true nature as a fighter. But this new ability causes trouble for the hierarchy of the school.

This drama was just a lot of fun to watch. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it if you are a major AkB48 fan or if you want to watch something silly but fun. ^_^

Genre~Action, Drama, Human Drama



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