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Tall, with a perfect figure and his qualifications as an Ivy League graduate, Lee Han is Seoul’s top male nanny. He is employed by Seo Do Young as a live-in nanny to look after her two young children, Eun Bi and Jung Min


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Manny started off well enough and it kept me hooked until maybe last few episodes because it let me down a bit. More on that later. Even though the drama disappointed me it still has very humorous, heart warming  random parts to make it kind of likable. So not a total waste of my time I suppose..

When I first started watching it I assumed it would be something like male version of Nanny Mcphee which personally I think would have been amazing but instead it started with the children and then became more about Manny’s relationship with the sisters. It ended up becoming your typical korean Romance drama.

I feel that they could have gone in a very different direction with this drama, made something special out of it. Not saying I hated it  just saying it could have been something different and unique.

This drama is just your average romantic Korean drama but you actually watch it because of the hot lead. Well okay I watched it because of the hot lead. Is it my fault that when I first saw the preview, Seok Ji-seok looked so hot that he made me want to watch it even though I was unsure about it? No because I think that was the plan of the producers from the start.  Yes that is the only reason you should and will watch this drama for xD

Just Kidding. Personally I thought the drama was okay. There is not enough depth to actually care so much about it though. It is your average style of drama. Where the girl chases the guy. The other girl likes the guy. The guy never realizes but then does and then blah blah blah….blah

I think the reason I disliked the drama is because I really hated the main character. She was so annoying. >_< I do not understand why they made her so messy and made her look so tired. I know they were trying to make it look a bit more authentic because she has two children and work and that would make her tired but come on that does not mean she has to look frumpy all the time. It peed me off.  Her character was just really weak and sometimes I just…wanted to like hit her or something >_< ekh It was like this through out the whole drama. She was just like a little kid. You would expect a change in her you know when Manny starts to look after her children. But No, she was still a pathetic person. Wow..I really hated her. They never even gave Manny a chance to show his character, yes he is a jerk then his not. I mean he suddenly just changed? I like it when their is more essence in the character and the whole Blondie drama T_T had none of it.


I really liked Janice. She was such a strong character. At first she did come across a bit bitchy but her character really grew. You could see the soft side of her. She was just really cool character and personally the only character who was allowed to have a strong substance of character dynamics, growth ect.

The other downfall of this drama was the ending. It was incomplete. They introduce a love intrest for Janice but left her story half way.It was so annoying. Near the ending I just skipped to the parts about Janices secretaries romance and Janice parts.

This whole drama annoyed me. Personally I would not watch it again and I would also not recommend it but you can give it ago just don’t say I did not warn u how annoying this drama is. Unless you liked then I want to know why. xD


Jung Da Bin as Oh Eun Bi

Jung Da Bin as Oh Eun Bi


Byun Jung Soo as Janice

Byun Jung Soo as Janice


Choi Jung Yoon as Seo Do Young

Choi Jung Yoon as Seo Do Young

Suh Ji Suk as Kim Yi Han

Suh Ji Suk as Kim Yi Han

Goo Seung Hyun (구승현) as Oh Jung Min

Goo Seung Hyun (구승현) as Oh Jung Min















Kim Sook as Goo Hyun Jung
Seo Woo Jin (서우진) as Lee Joon Ki
Park Joon Hyuk as Eun Bi & Jung Min’s father
Park Hyuk Kwon
Genre: Romance, family
Ratings: **



  1. omgosh u’re right.. i was just watching it.. at 1st the female lead was ok.. then her perpetual sad-pathetic expression annoys the hell out of me.. esp when she has that look 3/4 of the time in EVERY darn episode. and she was selfish enough to ignore how glad her children are that their father wanted to go back into their lives.. n chose to stick with the manny. i can totally empathise coz i feel like slapping her face now!!!!!

  2. So I watched this and looked for reviews after and this is so in point.
    There was no chemistry between the manny and the mom and if she called the daughters name one more time I was going to scream. I will not watch this again keep searching if your looking for a good drama.

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