Mars – Review

Drama- MarsMars was a very intense drama, filled with psychological and complex drama. The story line of this drama was amazing. The whole drama was just great. It is on my best Taiwanese drama of all times. This is adapted from the best selling manga Mars.  Its not just a romance, it a real romance. Things you can expect to happen in real life. It was not all fluff and unicorns but real hardcore drama storyline.

Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsou did incredible acting in this Drama and their onset chemistry was excellent. Of course they went out with each other but still they both did a great job. They totally won me over.  Mars was a very serious, emotional and sophisticated drama.

The story line is as such; Chen Ling (vic) is a very loud and good looking guy who rides an ace motorbike and is a reble where as Han Qi Luo (Barbie) is a very shy and timid girl who does not like contact. They happen to meet in the park where Ling asks Qi Luo directions who quickly sketches on a paper. On the other side of the directions Ling sees Qi Luo’s picture of a mother and her child. Ling is touched by this picture and they start to connect with each other slowly.

Both of them help each other face each others fears as they start to get closer to each other and start to fall for each other. There are lots of twists and turns and you find out all the characters secrets.


This drama was amazingly phenomenal. Its a great drama to watch. The characters were awesome, the OST was awesome, the storyline was amazing. Everything was wonderful and made this drama a joy to watch.  The actor and the actress played their characters just so well especial Barbie. Her acting was really good in here. This is one drama that I think many people need to watch. Its different but its a very great drama. Its worth watching it.

Genre~ Romance, Thriller, Action, Suspense


Ratings ~*****

Main Characters~

Barbie Xu as Han Qi Luo

Vic Zhou

Vic Zhou as Chen Ling & Sheng



  1. becaangel says:

    I agree completly,this drama is so different,well acted,story is very different,realistic and touching.The ost is superb entirely.Its my favorite drama of all times,period.

    Thanks !!

  2. therubyangel~ says:

    I agree – this is a good drama, an entire genre on its own…highly recommend it. Don’t think I’ll ever watch anything like it~<3 IT WAS SO GOOD *_*

  3. I love this drama so much. My first favorite drama ever…. I watched it since 2005. The first drama ever that made me so crazy!!!! I will never forget how much I love Ling (male lead) back then. I just had a dream about this drama and now I feel like wanna watch it again :)

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