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Hashimoto Taichi, a third year student at Myongji University, has no particular goals for the future and has been leading an ordinary student’s life. One day, he finds a female university student standing on the edge of the university building’s rooftop. “Don’t tell me …!?” Taichi thinks to himself as he hastily runs up to the rooftop and holds the body of the girl tightly, forgetting about his fear of heights. However, the girl pouts and bursts into laughter. “What a fool. Did it look like I was going to commit suicide?!” That is how Taichi and Mioka met. At that moment, Mioka’s mother, Kaori, visits Dr Takanashi Hiroyuki at Tohto University Hospital.

In fact, it was discovered six months earlier that Mioka has a serious medical problem in her brain, and her life is in danger. Kaori still has not accepted this fact, but Dr Takanashi coolly tells her, “Your daughter’s illness … is advancing slowly, but surely.” The following day, Taichi has promised to celebrate the birthday of his schoolmate, Goto Mari, together and goes to buy a present for her. He chances upon Mioka. Mioka is on a date with an older man but when she knows that Taichi is worried, she abandons the man and declares that she will select Mari’s present with him. “Is it okay to neglect your boyfriend?” Taichi asks and Mioka responds, “That kind of guy is not my boyfriend. I will not seriously go steady with anyone.” Although Taichi is completely thrown off by Mioka’s pace, he spends an unexpectedly happy time with Mioka. Taichi starts to be aware of her presence. Meanwhile, Mioka visits Dr Takanashi again and asks, “Doctor … How much longer can I live?” (source: http://jdramas.wordpress.com)

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The theme song to this drama is by Fukuyama Masaharu entitled Hotaru or fireflies. This is really a beautifully sang song. Its really lovely to listen to and I have posted some fan translation lyrics. They really match the drama. Fukuyama Masaharu’s voice is really beautiful and sings this song so softly and emotionally.Even if you don’t know what he is saying you can feel the sadness. You might know this singer from the Japanese drama Galileo

Thank you…..
For noticing me in the streets
It’s because we want to know all (about each other)
that we can fall in love.

Where were you before? What was your world like?
Who did you love? What scars do you bear?
Have you been crying alone?

I only want to gaze at you now
When you’re angry, when you smile,
These words are certainly not enough, but still
“You’re the one I love.”

How you hate to force a smile
How you’re no good with thunder
It’s because we’re so different
that we can love each other.

Let’s go back together to the city where I grew up
That old chapel, that uphill slope to school
The people I want you to meet.

We are like fireflies now
Lighting up the flame of life,
However small our glow, we can still burn up
Any tragedy that comes.

I only want to gaze at you now
Through the spring we met, and the simmering summer
Through the autumn when we cried, and the winter we walked past, huddled together
“You’re the one I love”
Thank you…..

For our encounter in the streets
For being born

Yuriko Yoshitaka-

Yuriko YoshitakaReview


(Warning:Major Spoilers)

Yay for new Japanese dramas but this one is one of those sad ones and the storyline seems very tragic. Very one litre of tears for that matter.  Two of the actresses are pretty well known to me as I have seen many of their past projects. Firstly you have the cool and beautiful Yuriko Yoshitaka who I have seen in the drama’s “Tokyo Dogs” ,Shiroi Haru and Love shuffle. The other actress that I know is Miki Maya, who has been so many past drama projects such as ” Attention please, life, absolute boyfriend and many more. When I read the story I was unsure if I should watch it as dramatic tragic stories are not really my thing. I don’t mind serious dramas but I cant stand sitting there with a box of tissues.

The first scene already told me that the main girl would not survive. Its really not a major spoiler, I mean we all know she is going to die from some incurable disease due to the information told regarding the drama.  Also I do really like the main actors  beginning dialogue, it was pretty touching.

“Mioka” Is written as ” Beautiful Hills”, That was your name, I am standing now at the spot where you and I first met. If I had not met you, I would have gone on living without knowing what being in love with someone from the bottom of my heart was. You appeared like a storm, Swept into my heart, and then vanished again just as suddenly….leaving behind only a bright light like a flash of thunder”

Very beautiful words especially the ending about her being like a storm. The final line made this drama what it is going to be. A love story but not just a story with heart ache but also with  an understanding and gratitude of  what the person left behind even after they were gone. This drama is also about what love can do and how no matter how much you try you will always end up being with the person your suppose to even at the expense of hurting people. It also has a lesson and it also explains what people, loved ones, go through when they know that someone they love will die.

The drama started of pretty nicely. I personally like how the main characters are such opposites of each other. You have Hashimoto Taichi who is a pretty nice guy and easy going, on the other hand you have Mioka who is tough and blunt. They contrast each other really well in the first episode and I can see why they would fall very much in love with each other.  Fate really brings them together, a lot.

In dramas like this I love how the people being mean to Mioka will end up feeling sorry for her and be nice to her. Makes you always realise that you must think what you say to other people else it will haunt you for the rest of you life.

This drama is not all sad, there were some random funny scenes. This drama reads like a sad, tearful and tragic love story. Personally I think if your tired of all the comedy this drama is  a nice alternative. The first episode itself was really good and I think its worth watching this drama. An overall review will be done when this drama finishes. From watching the first episode, I feel that this drama was smoothing and beautifully written and will be a drama I will remember if I keep watching it xD.

Genre~ Romance, Tragedy, Human





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