Mother Episode 1 Review

Intense I have not heard or read anything about this drama. When I looked at the promo pictures my first impression of it was that it looked like a horror movie I was very wrong. The drama  started off really intense and it took shape as soon as i started, It was so wonderful that it moved me to tears and from then on I know I had to carry on watching to see the full story.

The scenery in this drama was of a rugged beauty with cliffs and mountains overlooking the sea. It was really very beautiful. The drama seems a much more serious and intense drama then the ones I usually watch. The main actress who plays the elementary teacher Suzuhara Nao , who is played by Matsuyuki Yasuko has a very interesting face. Its a very calm and serene face with a serious intelligent look to it.

The little girl playing Reina is so adorable! oh my god I just wanted to pull her cheeks. She is a very cute and a very good actress. Her scenes really make you feel sorry for her and also make you want to cuddle her. She is adorable in the drama even with all that abuse.

The first episode of this drama was really sad and there were scenes that I could not watch as they were just really bad. There was such happy scenes at times but still sad. This drama really is excellent and I will carry on watching it and I really recommend it.

Episode 1

The story takes place one month earlier from the opening scene where an elementary teacher Suzuhara Nao is overlooking  class 2 where she is an acting home room teacher. While overlooking the children who are to write letters to the school duck which just died she realises that one of the students, a young girl named Michiki Reina is not writing anything on her paper. When Nao asks Reina why she is not writing, Reina answers intelligently that it is of no use writing to a dead duck that cannot even read. All the other children in the classroom tell Reina that she is very mean promoting Nao to tell the class to be quite. When the class has quieten down, Reina asks Nao if there is a heaven and asks if its in the ground. Presumingly because that is where the duck is buried. Nao tells her she does not need to write to the duck if she does not want to as mail men cannot deliver to heaven and wipes off “Dear ducky in heaven” from the blackboard. Reina grins at her, since that moment Nao starts to gain interest in this young girl and asks the other teachers regarding her.

Reina gives Nao a hat when she goes home saying its for helping her. Reina lives with her mum and her mums boyfriend who seems to be abusing her. Nao is also invited to her sisters wedding which she refuses to go to.One day when Nao is walking towards a cafe shop she sees Reina abut decides to ignore her but Reina notices her and comes in the cafe shop and spends time talking to Nao.  Reina has a little pet hamster called suzu who she likes to feed. We find out that Nao does not like children but she tells Rina that she will walk her home. Rina laughs and walks away.

Next day one the teachers talk how Reina was sleeping outside in the snow. When Nao and another teacher, Miss miura go to her house they find that she was with her mother and has a patch over her eye. Reina tells the teachers that she got hit by a ball. Miss Miura realises that Reina is being abused but due to lack of real evidence nothing can be done.

Nao brings Reina home when she sees Reina on the street and tells Reina to stay there until Miss Miura comes so she can tell her everything. While waiting Nao and Reina talk about things that interest them and the bond between them to gets even closer.

Will Neo be able to stop the abuse that Reina receives and will Reina be strong enough to tell her the abuse that she received?




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