Mother Episode 2 & 3 Review

Was very excited to start the second episode of this drama as the first episode ended pretty well. I really was looking forward to seeing what would happen next.  This episode was even more intense then the first one, I really enjoyed it.We also find out why Nao shares such a bond with Reina even-though she hates children.With the reporter snooping around and Nao’s family looking for her, I knew that in no time everything would slowly fall apart. I was really cheering Rina and Nao on.

Parts of this episode really made me sad. Scenes where Nao was really scared that they would get scared, it was like they will never be able to relax they always be worried about the past. Also they both really had bad things happening to them one after another, it was really heartbreaking. T_T So many scenes were so touching.  I like this drama a lot.

Episode 2

The second epiode of this drama starts off where it left. Suzuhara Nao and Michiki Reina are on the train, concious of anyone and everyone, scared that they will get caught they keep a low profile but Reina has managed to make a friend on the train.

Coming off at their destination, Utsunomiya, Nao is very scared of camera and the police in case anyone spots that she has a missing girl with her. Nao explains to Reina that she really has to call her mother or else people will get suspicious. While they were going out Reina wants to go to toilet but due to the fact that the toilet door is broken Nao leaves her bag outside the public toilets. When she comes out she finds all contents of her purse missing except  1ooo yen.  Nao cant even report this crime due to the fact that she herself in worried that they would ask to many questions.

Meanwhile back at Reina house the reporters are asking questions.  Nao and Reina go to a house where Nao once lived but Nao finds that the owner, Momoko is not quite in the right state of mind as she thinks she is six years old. Reina starts calling Nao mother and they both also start staying with Momoko.

While Momoko and Reina go out the house a local police comes Nao realises that it is soon that he will be curious about who the girl with her is. Reina wants to talk Momoko with her but Nao tells her that she cannot. Reina tells her that they came because Nao said its save and calls her Miss Suzuharu and not mother.  Momoko recognizes Nao but thinks she is younger. Many scenes with confusion and love for Reina, Nao tells her that will stay with Mamoko longer but it seems that Momoko chan is being take away to be looked after. A heartbreaking scene with Momoko, Nao and Reina occurs with each person missing the other and being thankful.

Many secrets come to light in this episode. Someone from Nao’s past comes into the scene, Will she protect Nao?

I was really looking forward to watching the next episode . Episode 2 left me with a lot of questions and I was hoping that this episode would answer it. Moments were as heartbreaking as the episodes before.  There were moments when am wondering how she can pretend to do anything, pretend that Reina is her child especially in front of people she cares about. I also realised that Reina’s mother is the actual evil being and I hate her much more then her boyfriend.  I really enjoyed this episode to and many secrets are slowly coming out. The ending of this episode was a cliff hanger. Watch this drama you will not regret it. =) The ending song is very pretty *_*

Episode 3

Nao meets up with her mother and someone from her past is trailing her and Reina. Reina calls her Mrs forgetfull not knowing the connection.They both start a new life but Nao is still worried about the past as when they are looking for an apartment she refuses to get one which is in front of a police station.

Nao starts to look for a job while Reina stays in the library and talks to “Mrs forgetful”. Nao is finding it very hard to find a job due to no one taking her on even though she is desperate and would do anything. They both come across more of Nao’s family, her sisters and she tells them that Reina is her daughter.

A quick scene between Reina’s real mother and her boyfriend comes in place and we realise that they are both not very regretful over what happened. The reporter also visits the mother asking for information, it seems his getting closer to the truth.

Will someone find out the big secret and who really is Mrs forgetful?


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