Mother Episode 4 & 5 Review

This drama is getting more intense in every single episode. Am at the edge of my seat at every scene thinking that someone will find out the truth and it will be the end.  The actress who plays Reina is excellent, she portrays a very scared yet happy child really well.  One person who am disliking in this episode is Nao’s sister. The older one who is pregnant. She is very annoying and seems to be the kind of person who only ever thinks about herself.  I love the bond between Nao and Reina even though they are not blood Nao goes so far for Reina, it just shows how much she cares. There is many twists and at certain times I feel so sorry for the characters. At the end of this episode I was so shock. How low can people go. =_= and I felt sorry for a certain someone. Mistakes are not always forgiven. They hurt.  This drama is so beautiful, I cant recommend it enough.

Episode 4

The reporter now knows where Nao and Reina is and is trailing them. Suzuhara Nao listens to “Mrs Forgetful’s” advice and goes to her mothers house where her mother welcomes Reina as her granddaughter even though she does not know the full story but then again many members of Naos family have their own secrets that are threatening to come out.  Nao’s family helps her look after Reina who she pretends is called Tsugumi.  The mother asks Nao is she has enrolled Tsugumi/Reina to a school yet but Reina replies that her mother will teach her. Once they go outside though Reina stops to watch some children go pass and Nao knows that she is feeling very lonely.

Nao’s mother is suspicious that she is hiding something but Nao’s sister is getting jealous and she makes a decision that shocks the family.  Nao prepares Reina for school but will this be dangerous?   Nao goes off to work while Nao’s sister takes Reina to eat at a cafe. When Nao’s sister goes out to phone Nao, the reporter comes in to ask Reina question.

Will Reina be able to keep everything inside or will she tell the reporter everything?

Episode 5 was full of  such heartache. T_T and the way it ended I could not feel much more worse for the characters then I already was feeling. So many secrets that I wish people would just tell each other. We see scenes of the mother and the boyfriend acting like their usual evil selfish behaviour, not caring about anything. I wish someone would already just kick them in jail. =_=  I really dislike the reporter even though at a certain point I felt sorry for him but it is still not acceptable what he did. I also feel sorry for her real mother in a way even after what she did to Nao I still cant help myself. She seems like such a nice lady. I even like her adopted mother, she is wonderful and protective of Nao. This episode was more about Nao’s relationship with her real mother and her adopted mother rather then the bond between Reina and Nao. It was moving and incredibly beautiful episode but the ending really shocked me! I was not expecting it at all >< I cannot wait for then next episode. Such an intense ending.

Episode 5

After the cliffhanger from episode 4 one impotent thing has become revealed to Nao. The reporter harrases Nao and Reina quite a bit and Nao tries to get the money he wants somehow. Reina is at school and is doing pretty well with her new friends but Nao is having problems with her real mother, Hana who she cant get away from.  Hana tries to help her in everywhere as it seems that she really regrets what she did in her past and what she did to Nao and so is doing everything possible thing to help her.

The reporter is making Nao’s life hell and is not making anything any easier. He is asking personal questions and Nao cant do anything due to anything as he knows exactly what she has done. The amount that the reporter (shunsuke) got due to Hana’s help was way more then he asked for.  It seems that Hana has been collecting that money for the last 17 years, and just then Nao realises that the money is very important and tries to take it back and through the process she nearly kills the reporter.  The reporter tells his own story to Nao, telling her that he wonders how her story would end.

The real question is how will Nao; story end and will she ever find out why her real mother abandoned her?


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