Mother Episode 6 Review

This episode was so sad. I was gob smacked and hanging of my seat on every single scene. I was really shocked at how things turned around so quickly. The acting from everyone especially the young actress who played Rena was flawless. The storyline has progressed quite a bit and its a really enjoyable, intense and beautifully written Japanese drama. This drama just keeps getting better and better. I really love this drama >_<

This episode was better then the episodes before it. Its like each gets better and better the the episode before.  This drama is a must watch. The story is just superb and the acting is amazing!

Episode 6

This episode started very intensely. Even though her mother did not seem to care it seems she misses her daughter very much. The police also decide to investigate the family due to the fact that no body has been found. Rena decides not to Nao about the call but the her family is also suspicious about her and Tsugumi/Rena  and figure everything out. Everything gets really intense and you see the bonding between the family become stronger. This drama just keeps getting better and better. I love it

A very surprising move by Rena is made in this episode. You must watch this episode to find out the massive spoiler.


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