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Mother Suzuhara Nao (Yasuko Matsuyuki) becomes a teacher at an elementary school. She’s in charge of of first-year students and doesn’t have much passion for her job. One of her young students named Reina becomes attached to her new teacher.

One day, Nao notices bruises on Reina and realizes that she is the victim of child abuse. At first Nao doesn’t say anything, but Nao notices more bruises with each passing day and Reina’s absences from school become more frequent. As a mother, Nao’s maternal instincts kicks in and she decides to take of Reina. Nao & Reina then takes a train from their native Hokkaido to Tokyo …(Dramawiki)

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After finishing this drama off I have to say this drama is one of the most beautiful and moving drama which will take you on an emotional journey. Its not a drama for people who are looking to watch a comedy but for those who are looking for a serious and moving drama.

Rena looking at the cloudsThe drama itself makes you open your mind and not to be biased with your opinions on very serious subjects. In this case its child abuse, adoption and abandoning children . It gives you a different perspective on the person doing the abuse, the one who it was done on and the other people who know what’s happening.  The drama shows you how everything is not black and white. There are reason why certain people end up abusing or leaving their children. Its not all the same reason all the time. I think this drama teaches us a valuable insight in this matter.

The storyline was really soft with it strength coming from the emotions of the characters in the drama. Each character has a story of their own to tell which bonds them all together. Each character feels something of a similarity between each other. I loved the moral behind the drama.

The acting from every character was utterly flawless. Suzuhara Nao is really beautiful but in this drama she showed this very simple awkwardness and also at first she seems a bit cold until she noticed Rena. She wants to give Rena something her own real mother never gave her. The chemistry between Rena and her was just really beautiful to watch. She loved her like her own child. The actress playing her, Yasuko Matsuyuki made me really like her a lot. Her acting was superb. Also it seemed the main characters never get a chance to be happy, through out the drama all I kept thinking is when will they ever be happy..

The young child actress who played Rena was also amazing. She was so good and she is also so cute. Her character Rena was a really mature girl who loved her mother very much and she also loved Suzuhara a lot. Certain scenes with her really broke my heart . When she cried I just felt my heart breaking it seemed through out the drama she got most of the heartache. She makes you feel so emotional and I really praise the young child actress for portraying such emotions for someone her age. She was really wonderful and her expression and the way she portrayed her character. It was so..beautiful. She made me cry so much at certain scenes. She was great, I cant praise her enough.

The other character were also really really good. They were all so good at their roles and I just think this drama was simply amazing. Its a very emotional and tense drama. There is a lot grieve and sad moments that make you feel simply terrible. You also get very emotional watching certain scenes, its such a tear jerker so if you are going to watch this drama do have a bunch of tissues near by.

This drama deserves all the Television Drama Academy Awards it got. From best actress, best director, best screenplay and best newcomer. With an amazing script, moving storyline and talented acting this drama was one of the best Japanese dramas I have watched.

Episodes – 11

Genre- Human, Drama, Suspense

Rating – *****

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