Nodame Cantabile review

Nodame Cantabile

I loved this drama. Its one my all time favourites I have watched it a lot of times. It totally has this anime feeling to it. Especially the acting it made me laugh so much. The girl who played Nodame, Uneo Juri, she was soo adorable and I really enjoyed watching her. She made me laugh so much.  My favourite scene has to be when Chiaki who is played by the super cute Tamaki Hiroshi wakes up in Nodame’s dirty room his expression was hilarious. It was like OMG what have I woken up in!?

Nodame This drama is based on a popular Manga (Japanese style comic book) about Megumi Noda who is called Nodame. She plays  the piano and is the student at Momogaoka College of Music. She is messy and sloppy and loves to eat food. She usually steals food from her friends lunch boxes. She is a talented pianist but plays it very sloppy without looking at the music score which means her fingers are all over the place.

Also about the popular top student Shinichi Chiaki who is an arrogant perfectionist  who finds Nodame when he hears her playing the piano and sees her talent. Chiaki always had an ambition to be a conductor of course an opportunity arrives where he can have a chance at his passion.Nodame starts to fall in love with Chiaki but it takes him a while to open up his heart to her. Lots of changes for the two characters occur for these two characters.  They all find their selves and hidden talents.

Nodame CantabileThis drama was wicked! I loved it. The whole atmosphere of the drama was really funny and and I really enjoyed every episode. The music was fantastic and the other characters besides the main ones were also fantastic. They played their roles amazingly well. I just fell in love with the main leads in this Drama. I have never watched a drama where the  atmosphere was so Anime  like. It was a joy to watch. This would also be on one of my must watch list for all those Drama lovers.  Its a must see, It will make you laugh out so many times. I just LOVE this drama! *_*

Genre~ Comedy, Romance, Music

Episodes~ 11

Ratings ~*****

Main Characters

Ueno Juri

Ueno Juri as Noda Megumi aka Nodame

tamaka Hiroshi

Tamaki Hiroshi as Chiaki Shinichi


Eita as Mine Ryutaro

Mizukawa Asami

Mizukawa Asami as Miki Kiyora



  1. a story about falling in love

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