Personal Preference-Episode 2 review

Episode 2 Personal Taste
After the big cliff-hanger from the last episode which really made me feel extremely sorry for Park Kae In whose friend was like am sorry, like sorry is suppose to cover for what her friend did to her. =_= though I must say her ex boyfriend is kind of cute in a wimpy way. Kai In and her friend are dragged out by the security team before they can make a big scene and ruin this super annoying wedding. While all this was going a very important man in the chapel looked very disappointed and angry with Han Chang Ryul. Jeon Jin Ho notices this man. I think his a very important person or maybe its Chang Ryul’s father, am sure we shall find out.

And then something really funny happens in this scene that makes me laugh a lot. Everyone hears by accident how her Na Hye Mi, the friend that is getting married has had so many boyfriends that she doesn’t even remember their names and how she betrayed her. The son had turned the microphone on so that everyone in the hall could hear what the two friends were talking about. But not only does that wedding hear but so does another one and there is major confusion. It was just funny reading everyone’s expression; they were all like what on earth is going on!? As both people at the wedding come to the room and ask what on earth is going on. Kae In confronts her ex and her ex friend.

In this episode Jin Ho goes really ahead with his artichet stuff you find out all the connections that are about to happen. It seemed Chang Ryul and the “fake annoying friend” have a lame argument about their past boyfriends and she goes on her honeymoon alone. She’s soo annoying I just want to slap her. She was acting like a spoilt princess. And the important guy is Chang Ryuls father slaps him one. Poor guy his such a baby.

I felt really sorry for the Park Kae In and I loved her friend Kim in Hee she was a true friend. So protective and caring, it was super sweet but it seemed that Kai In wanted to go off and cry on her own.  On her way home some thugs have come looking for her it seems she’s in some debt but it was not her that they are looking for it’s her friend, or her employer Won Ho who tried to kiss her in the episode before has burrowed lots of money from her. When she comes home she sees the note. Stupid so called friends. Its annoying how everyone keeps betraying her. But there is always one good friend who always comes to the rescue in every scene, Kim In Hee, thank god! Kai In is such a good friend as well but to trustworthy.

There are lots of spoilers in this episodes that you must watch to find out what’s happening.  It seems that Kae In’s house is very impotent to a lot of people. I adore the house, it is very very beautiful. We also find out that things about Kai Ins parents.  There were lots of funny scenes I really enjoyed watching this episodes. I really think it will get even more better as the series progresses more and more.  The actress is so funny I adore her acting.  I really do not like Mr Han. He is evil and he looks evil and his acting seems a bit forced sometimes or maybe I just think that because i really dislike his character.  His really tiny heheh.  His even horrible to his own son.  I hate her friend.Hye Mi, She is evil, so evil I just wanna smack her one.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode. Lots of things kept happening one after the other but they all made sense.  There were lots of scenes where Jin Ho looks really gay its so funny. There was a really funny scene where Jin Ho jumps and screems like a girl it made me laugh so much.  I really ejoyed this episode and would give it a rating of 5/5. The ending made me laugh loads. Jin Ho got the shock of his life. I loved his expression.


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