Personal Preference Review Episode 3

Personal Taste

This episode started where it left with misunderstandings. I really dislike her friend and am glad Kae In finally had the guts to tell her to go away but her friend still had to act sassy. So annoying. I really felt sorry for Kae In. When Jin Ho found out she thinks his gay, his expression was so funny. Of course Kae In tried to explain how he has been acting. Jin Ho realised that there was a lot of misunderstand and why she had thought all of that.  He became so angry that she thought he was gay.

epsode 3

Her friend realises why Jin Ho says his not coming back. I think all this confusion and assumptions makes everything really funny.  Kae In tried to look for her friend because she really needs the money back. We see random shots of how her friend is getting along which I really do not care about…

There are moments where Kae In nearly finds out what Jin Ho is up to and she comes to apologize for nearly making him come out the closet. She makes him a really cute present. I really wanted it.  Hye mi is really pretty but she seems to like Jin Ho. She is not annoying yet though she does seem pretty immature. She likes to use people. I hope I don’t start to dislike her too.

Mr Han is still a pain trying to win Mr Choi’s favour, Jin Ho goes back to stay at Kae Ins house due to reasons and then makes her clean the whole house. But he ends up cleaning it instead anyway. Kae In runs away. Oh what a difference it makes when they cleaned the house though. I so adore the house! I want it! >< Kae In is starting to look really pretty to me, slowly and Jin Ho. Oh why is he so fit!


There was a really funny shower scene, the kind that happens in a lot of drama. A lot of Lee Min Ho fans will love it. I really liked this scene Jin Ho got so embarrassed it was funny.  She was like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh O_O and then after doing that she pps her head back in and says she never saw anything because she was not wearing her glasses or contacts. He was just like pfftt. And then the opposite happend Jin Ho saw Kae In in her towel. He totally insults her but then she realises that he is gay and makes him help her look for her contacts. This scene is where Jin HO starts to notice certain things about her while she is in her towel. He starts to check her out xD

Over all in this episode there is a lot of progression and we see everything come together properly. So far I must say this has been my favourite episode. Its really gotten better and I really enjoyed it. Am glad i finally watched it. ^_^




  1. What is the title of the only English song played in this korean novela?

  2. Is it by any chance this one?

  3. Got it right. Thank you very much :)

  4. Haha Yayness =)

  5. hi, question for ya, on episode 14 there is english song play in background inside resturant where she got drunk and lee went pick her up, what is name of that song? thx!

  6. Boo.. Are u sure its episode 14? because I cant find the scene you are talking about, maybe if you tell me the exact scene number maybe I can figure it out =) Sorry >_<

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