Personal Preference Review episode 4

Episode 4

Lots of weird sounds when this episode started. I was like oh my god!! what on earth !? ><. Kae In remembers what she had done the day before. I do love the expressions she does. They pretty funny and dramatic looking.  Lots of things start to happen in this episode again. With people getting really confused about Jin Ho’s sexuality. I really like all the equipment they have. Its awesome!

The two most annoying girls meet. Oh and yes Hye Mi is getting annoyed. In-hee and Hye-mi are really annoying. They remind me of each other and not even the short hair.  Each of them know something diffrent about Jin Ho.  In Hee  is really annoying. I think shes starting to dig her claws into JinHo. The evil women and the worst thing is I think Jin HO kind of liked her.  waaa nooo! All the main guys besides Jin Ho are wimpy, and the two witches have them wrapped around their tiny little finger. Just using other people to get their way.

digging her clawsmean girl

. One thing I’ve notices is that there are such beautiful buildings in this drama. Okay I may be weird but for some reason I always get the feeling that Mr Choi is gay. Young Sun houts at Kae in again for being silly and not thinking properly.  I really like Jin Hos mum. Shes great and so caring and we find out more about her. She really loves her son.

Overall they both start to get along a bit more. Kae in cooks for Jn ho but he already has his own things stored. His such a prim and proper guy. I dont like how they dress him though.   Kae in really likes to use her biggest talent on Jin ho. Her puppy eyes and making him feel guilty.

Chang Ryul and In hee have their lame arguments every so often. Them two deserve each other but personally I like Chang Ryul more then In hee. she is just being a Dramaqueen. Least someone does love her.  This scene actually did touch me quite a bit. Just shows that some people are willing to do anything.

Kae in messes up again even though she tries so hard to do better. It was really funny. The poor girl when will she ever catch a break. Poor Jin ho as well he had the worst problem a person could ever have. He looked so angry. Kae in is always creating problems for Jin Ho in this  episodes though its unintentional, its still funny.  You find out that somone is regretting something they did. In this episode it seems people have no idea who they really like. =_=

Its sweet how Jin ho still worries about Kae in. Shes so clumsy. They both so sweet to each other.  Her ex talks to her and near the ending it gets really sad.  It made me all teary. Even Jin Ho looked like he was upset. Her acting was really good. Both them connected really well. The chemistry they have going was really effective.  The ending shows how the drama is gonna turn. What is going to happen next. Overall I really enjoyed this episode. It was not as funny as the episode before but it became more serious.


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