Personal Taste-Episode 1 Review

Personal Taste

The story line of this drama attracted me…as well as Lee min Ho from boys over flowers, thou I must be the only girl around who still has not finished boys over girls properly I did like his acting and even in here his acting is superb. I don’t really know the main girl lead, Son ye Jin. Haven’t watched any of her dramas but she played the lead quite nice.

Episode 1
Drama started started with a scene showing the difference between the main leads. Park Kae In being messy with messy hair, messy room, messy everything where as Jeon Jin Ho rooms was all perfect. His shirts were in the right place, everything perfect in other words. Already I liked this drama. There was something very typically Korean drama about it. Like perfect guy meets imperfect girl. I love it when the two main characters do not like each other it makes the drama more interesting.

The main characters kept banging into each other and hated each other from the start. The typical assumptions and dislikes stared in this drama from the beginning it was funny to watch their expressions of hatred for each other.

There were so many funny scenes that made Jeon Jin Ho looked gay. One of them is the one below where the main girl Gae In thought that Jeon Jin Ho and Kim Tae Hoon who is Jeon Jin Ho friend are lovers. i could not stop laughing and i had a real bad stomach ache..owwie..=_= and another scene was in the elevator. It was really funny how Young seon, Park In friend thought he was doing bad stuff with his friend O_O and covered her child’s eyes.

Personal tastePersonal Taste

Personal taste

I already started to dislike some of the characters. Firstly I hated her friend and her boyfriend. They are mean and evil and her friend does not deserve to be called a friend!
Overall I loved the first episode and cant wait to watch more. I think it’s worth watching this drama, it looks promising. I think it’s a series that people will start to really like and have lots of fans. There were lots of funny and sad scenes that really puts everything together and makes it makes the Drama seem really good. I really enjoyed it and think you should all try it. ^_^

Genre~ Romance , Comedy

Episodes~ 16

Ratings~ *****

Main Characters~

Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin as Park Kae In

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho

Kim Ji Suk

Kim Ji Suk as Han Chang Ryul

Wang Ji Hye

Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee



  1. alfian noor says:

    i love you lee min ho

  2. shyrel denz says:

    i really…really…like the Personal Taste they are perfect!!

  3. haha I still have two episodes to finish >_<

  4. lee min ,Totally love and is super HOT!

  5. I like to see lee min hoo,hi is very attractive but I love most his manner

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