Pro Golfer Hana Episode 1 Review

Haven’t read anything about this drama but I do know the main actress, Kato Rosa who plays Nomiya Hana as I loved her in the drama  Jotei where she was superb playing a hostess. She can portray her emotions really well and she is really very beautiful. This drama also has a great opening “OVER DRIVE by Stereo Pony”

The drama started of very well.  I liked the atmosphere in her family. The children are adorable but the thing that annoyed me is the fact that you see her skills straight away. I wanted more her failing at the start and then slowly getting there but I guess that fact that she learnt with her father when she was young kind of taught her the skills of golf.

The first episode was also very short, It ended pretty quick personally I would have liked it much more longer. Am not still so sure about this drama I guess I will have to wait for episode 2 to see if it will surprise me.

The plot of the drama is simple. A part time work Nomiya Hana is ordered by her boss to play golf with some clients but she ends up getting fires due to the fact that she beat an important client with skills that came from no where. Lucky for her as while she was showing her skills a legendary coach  Kazuma Daigo (Ken Ishiguro) spots her and with his encouragement attempts a career in professional golf.  Hana’s family motivates her as well as the debt that her family is in.




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