Shinzanmono Review Episode 1

This is the new drama with Abe Hiroshi whom I have enjoyed watching immensely in his late dramas such as Shiroi Haru. His acting is superb and polished to perfection. I also know another person in this drama and that is Mukai Osamu, He has come in Nodame Cantabile, Bambino, Segai No mikata and Osen. The beautiful Kuroki Meisa is also in this drama. She has the looks and the acting. Dont much like her songs though anyway I liked the look of this drama because I’ve always enjoyed good detective dramas where there is murder and stuff and lots of weird things happening.

Shinzanmono literally means newcomer. I only knew that when it was mentioned in the drama. The reason for the name is because Kaga Kyoichiro (Hiroshi) is the newcomer detective in Ningyo-cho area of Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

The drama started out very good and I really liked the starting of the drama. The only thing that confused me is the many random people because of course at first you do not really know who they all are. I just wanna put a name to the faces I see. A lot of food everywhere, which made me really very hungry.

I also learnt something new in this drama. Did you know that sweets stimulate the mind?! Yay which means I can eat lots of sweets…Back to the drama. It is great. I really really like Kyoichiro his really very funny. His way of  finding things out is very diffrent but it solves the case. I like to be surprised but so far this drama is interesting.  I have laughed loads in this drama out loud. Their are lots of twists and at time who you think the murderer is may not actually be the murderer and at times you really think you know who the murder is because it seems so obvious. The first episode had something more then a mystery, it was also very emotional and sad.

The sinister music fits the scenes quite well and it gives you goosebumps at the correct moment.

I personally think this drama is worth watching I mean it has great actors, a good mystery, intensity and comedy what else could anyone want?

I personally think this drama is worth watching of course am still on episode 2 but so far good.

Episode 1

The first episode was about  a newcomer the detective Kaga Kyoichiro who after taking his new post gets assigned to a murder case where a women has been strangled to death in her apartment. The Victim,  Mitsui Mineko was also a newcomer to the area.

At the crime scene a button and a business card with a man’s smiling face has been found. Kaga and his cousin Matsumiya Shuhei are partnered together to look into this crime.  They both meet the suspect,  Takura Shinichi who was in charge of the insurance regarding the victim.  On the way to verifying the suspects account about his alibi and his witness statement the two detective go to the places that Takura mentioned.

They come to a rice Cracker shop where the owner and her granddaughter know Takura and cover for him, with lots f twists and turns and trying to figure out who the murderer is hidden secrets are found out, old friends find each other and family bonds get closer.

Will Kaga find out who killed the victim or will he be sweat inside a something bigger??  O_O (Jdrama.wordpress)

Genre~ detective, comedy, mystery, crime



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