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Set during the Goryeo Dynasty, Kim In Joon (Kim Joo Hyuk), a former slave, becomes the most powerful man in the country. He ruled the country for approximately 60 years instead of the emperor.
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The only way I could describe this drama is the movie Gladiators set in  Medieval Korea. It really is not for the faint hearted. The drama is bloody, intense and contains a lot of political battle for power. The writing is quite a masterpiece. It is like watching a historical lesson but more entertaining.

Don’t expect to like this drama if you are just looking for a simple drama containing pretty people. It is very authentic and most scenes contain extreme scenes of violence from torture scenes to battlefields. I have only so far watched 9 episodes but the drama contains a lot of action and though there is lining of romance it does not pull me in as much as the main characters emotions and fight for freedom.

The main character is Kim In Joon played by Kim Joo Hyuk. At first he comes across as a kind, calming man. Very soft spoken and serene but he becomes a warrior who is doing everything he can to survive even going against what he was taught at the temple with the Buddhist monks. There are a lot of characters in this drama to keep track of but they are all important in the way that they play a role in Kim in Joons life.  What I like about his character is that even though he has to change and have this facade of being a strong fearless character in front of people  he never loses who he is in the process. His really inspiring and the actor plays him so well.

The acting from all the characters is excellent, it makes you over look the boring dull sets and instead concentrate on the main characters struggle and the greed and the lust of power that comes from the other characters.  The OST is also really beautiful and matches the scenes perfectly making you feel emotional and elation in just the right moments. Personally I think if you like your drama’s to contain action and intelligent writing then you should try this.



  1. Daniel H. Doe says:

    This is the best programs on TV and the web after Jumong and the Land of Winds, but it is becoming uninteresting because of the time it take for an episode to be released. Do we have to wait a month to watch an episode? Come on you started a beautiful thing that has gotten people talking about it and waiting in anticipation for the next episode, but our waiting is taking just too long for the release of the next episode. I know you are doing us a favor by taking your time to create the subtitle for each episode but please it will reduced our anxieties if you can air one episode every week. I know we don’t have rights to complain but please let this beggar complain a little.

    Thanks for listening to my complains.

  2. Daniel H. Doe says:

    Generally, you are all wonderful and thank you for giving us very beautiful moments watching SOLDIER

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