Stars Falling From The Sky-review

stars falling from the sky This is a 2010 drama. I think this drama was good but when I started watching it I was like umm what is this because the main character was so annoying and such a spoilt brat but then you see her change and it was like ohh waaa I like you! The children in this drama were super adorable, and they really made me goo all waa all the time especially the little baby Nami. sooo cute!

This drama was good. The whole Korean romance and sweet with lots of random drama that would not happen in real life but still kept you hooked on.

Kim Ji Hoon is a lawyer of an insurance company who is seems like a very cold person.Jin Pal Kang is an employee of the company who lives with her 5 sibling wth her parents. Her siblings seem to destroy all her life in other words they keep touching her clothes and playing with things that belong to her. She hates it and is not very mature. One day tragedy strikes. her parents are killed and she has to look after her siblings, all five of them.

She has no where to go as she has no money and she also has to look after all these children. She pretends she can clean and cook and sneaks her siblings in to Kim Ji Hoon’s house where his brother employed her. Suddenly everything starts going wrong as Pal Kangs plan to keep her siblings a secret falls apart. She also has a crush on Ji Hoon but starts to see how he really is.

sfftsThis drama was really good after a bit the only thing that disappointed me was the last few episodes it seemed really rushed. Like all of a sudden things just started happening. It was like the creators could not wait to get this drama to end or something.

Choi Jung WonThe acting from everyone was really really good. Especially the children they were soo good! Their acting was natural and you really fall in love with them I really hope they have a good future in the entertainment industry because I personally think they can go pretty far.

This whole drama eries was good and is worth a watch. I haven’t really watched the main actor from anywhere but Choi Jung Won was of course in Kingdom Of the winds which I loved! I had to get used to her not looking as pretty though..Anyway watch this if you like cuteness and romance with lots of random comedy moments and a family that needs to go to the toilet a lot. Trust me you will know what I meant when I say that. xD

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Genre~ Comedy, Romance, Drama



Main Characters~

Choi Jung Won as Jin Pal Kang

Choi Jung Won as Jin Pal Kang

Kim Ji Hoon as Won Kang Ha

Kim Ji Hoon as Won Kang Ha

Shin Dong Wook as Won Joon Ha

Shin Dong Wook as Won Joon Ha

Lee Kyun as Woo Tae Gyu

Lee Kyun as Woo Tae Gyu



  1. CNBlueberry says:

    This drama really sounds intressting, I really want to see it^^
    but I can’t find it, any ideas?

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