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Love Love

Kusunoki Taiga’s father is the famous actor, Kusunoki Kotaro; his mother, Machiko, was a former actress; and Taiga himself is a second-generation actor. However, he falls woefully short of his great father and passes his days in obscurity. Furthermore, he is still dependent on his parents. As for love, 26 years has passed and he continues to wait for the appearance of a girlfriend who sees only him and loves him. Just the other day, Taiga had broken up with a girl he had been dating because he did not like the way she holds her chopsticks. Taiga’s friend, Ueno Keita, is also a second-generation actor. The two of them get along well as they are in the same situation, and hang out together on their off days. On this day, they are enjoying sky diving. However, Taiga is the only one carried away by the wind. He falls into a wooded area near the sea, a considerable distance from the landing point. Although he avoids crashing to earth, he finds himself stuck on a tree branch. Just as he is feeling distressed that he cannot cut

First meeting, First love

himself free, a lady happens to walk by … Furthermore, she is a beautiful woman. Taiga hurriedly calls out to her for help but granted that he is unpopular, he is still an actor … He beseeches her not to make a scene by calling the police or getting the attention of people, and wants her to use other methods to get him down. Then, the lady uses an unexpected measure to return Taiga to the ground. After making sure that he is all right, she leaves without telling him her name because she is in a rush. That lady is Kitamura Shiori. This is the peculiar encounter between Taiga and Shiori …(Jdramaweb)

The opening song which is sang by Arashi, called Love Rainbow is below. The insert song is by YUI called “Please stay with me”

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Lovely Jun

I have always watched nearly every single Matsumoto Jun drama. First one I ever watched was Hana Yori Dango and from there I went to Gokusen,  Hana Yori Dango 2, Bambino and Smile. These being the best dramas I have ever watched. Matsumoto Jun maybe known as someone in a famous boy band but his also known as a very good and respected actor.

I thought this drama would be really serious but it made me laugh quite a lot. Especially the scene where the main lead actress, Takeuchi Yuko who plays Kitamura Shiori, Matsumoto’s love interest frees him from the tree.  My other favorite scene has

Waa Suicide

to be when he goes to look for her again and she tells him that she wanted to see him to. His face was like “Yay” and then she says  “I wanted to see you again see..I..I AM YOUR DADS BIGGEST FAN!” Poor Taiga (Matsumoto Jun) his face just dropped. It was like waaa *mentally hugs Jun* Burnnnn…xD

Takeuchi Yuko is a really good actress. Even though she is much older then Matsumoto I do no think there is anything wrong with the chemistry between them in this show.  MatsuJun is pretty good at acting with older actresses then himself. He suits that kind of role I must say. Maybe because his such a pretty boy, a magnet for cougers. Just kidding xP


I also like the personality of the character Matsumoto plays, his very fussy and serious. I mean he dumped his girlfriend because she held her chopsticks weirdly. His quite interesting and amusing to watch.  I love watching the scenes with the whole family together as well. The scenes are very heart-warming and you see the close bond they share with each other. One of the  scenes that occurred was really heart breaking T_T Every single scene kept surprising me. So many surprises…

sweet scene

The story line is very cliché. He sees her, falls in love with her after one scene, decides to stalk her like a crazy person and then they get together ect. Now usually this type of storyline is not something I like but this drama has something else within this storyline and that is beautiful scenes that make up this drama, heart-warming parts, great solid acting and am pretty positive that this drama has a big surprises and many secrets that will be uncovered on the way in the next few episodes.

Sad scene

I would really recommend this drama because Firstly its a Matsumoto Jun drama.  He always has really good dramas and his an awesome looking actor with genuine talent. Secondly, the storyline is very good and not dull at all. Each scene is beautifully directed. Finally there is a MatsJun shower scene at the start, No really. xD Okay on a serious note I really do think this is the Japanese drama that is really beautifully done and the one to watch this summer. =)

Genre~ Romance, Comedy,



Main Characters ( Edited, putting in my own character spec)



  1. Hi! I just would to say to you than I took your pics for the viikii’s channel. Are you all right or you don’t want? If you don’t want, I could take off it! ^^
    Thank you! Your page is nice and this drama seems be very very cooool ! ^^

  2. I am totally okay with it xP Woo and this drama is really good, its worth a watch =)

  3. pikaqiyu says:

    Jun’s drama is always worth watching~
    U like Johnny‘s artists? Who do u like best?
    I guess maybe the 3rd generation.. YammaP, Lyo, Kame, Jin..
    I like Ohno Satoshi best.. the starring of Maou, Arashi’s leader..

  4. Yep they are always amazing to watch, Lol yea I like Kame especially in Nobuta wo Produce. I havent actually watched any of Ohno Satoshi’s dramas >_< =)

  5. pikaqiyu says:

    Ah.. I recommend u to watch Maou, 2008.
    Satoshi, and Toma!! awesome!! one of my friend is Kame’s fan, she like たったひとつの恋 best.. amazing~
    but the actress 绫瀬はるか, when I watch White Night.. I dropped in the christma of the girl, also, 山田孝之 is cool!
    do u like white night? its one of my favorite..

  6. ohh no i never watched that but I like Ayase Haruka, ive watched many of her dramas.=)

  7. like jun…as hero….
    but …not the girl..

  8. hi, tanx for sharing..i’m also hardcore for Matsujun so far all his drama (i guest) i have watched such Hanadan 1,2 n final, gokusen, kimi wa peto, bambino, mue no papa, hajime kindaichi, the last princess, the last promises and smile. hehe lot ne~i think i’ve list all of them, i’m still searching for his others dramas and yours preview convince me to wath it. coz the drama get bad rating u know..still thank you very much~ <3

  9. ^_^ No problem. Your comment makes me very happy >_< I honestly think all Matsujun dramas are worth a watch. He has a very good charisma and I think because this drama was quite different and more serious in a way. If you click on this link you will see all the dramas he has done but seems like you have watched most of them xP

  10. Hi… I understand that you are a fan of matsumoto jun sooo…. I wanted to ask… which drama will you recommend me to watch after hana yori dango? :) I would like to watch some romantic drama with him but he has so many… I really don’t know XD someone recommeded me Kimi wa pet but I didn’t like the story 😛 (moreover I prefer something less old ^^’ )
    Thank youuu ~ loved your blog

  11. Thank you :) Try smile and Summer Romance Shines in Rainbow Color for the romance. Bambino is also a good drama especially if you like cooking dramas. Smile is pretty romantic. :)

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