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Yay a Taiwanese drama with Barbie Xu. I love her, shes really an awesome actress and such delicate beauty. The drama seems really interesting I could not wait to watch it. Its been ages since I have watched an Taiwanese drama, I was really excited.  While I was watching it I really liked some of the lines in the drama such as when Xia Mo says “ Fate seemed to dislike us so it has ruthlessly separated us” This line pretty much gave me an idea of what the drama would be about.  The opening song was also really beautiful.  The trailer of the drama is below. Seems pretty intense? xD To tell you the truth when I was watching the drama I though that Xia Mo is a bit stupid telling both guys to go away but then I did not know the full story. Lol.

Summers desire is about Yin Xia Mo who is played by Barbie Xu, 2 men fell for her. Both very different men. One of the men was a ruthless business man who manipulated people into getting whatever he wanted. The other man was an orphan who got fame and recognition due to his charm and charisma. One of the men lost at wining Xia Mo and went to England while the other man lost his memory due to his actions. Five years later they all meet again.

Five years later, Luoxi became a superstar. To pay for her brother’s expensive hospital fees, Xiamo decided to become a celebrity. Though memories of her biological mother, a singer/prostitute, haunted her, she eventually rose to success with her phenomenal beauty and talents. The two met, fell in love again, and became the golden couple of the entertainment industry.

That same five years later, Ou Chen saw her performing on stage. Though he has lost his memories, he couldn’t help but being attracted to that mysterious girl on stage. Did they know each other? Did he love her? When Ou Chen found out the truth about their past, he swore he would make her pay for betraying him, but he couldn’t help but loving her. He brought her company in the hopes of burying her, but instead helped her in her road to stardom.

Yet when the person she loves the most, her sweet little brother Yin Cheng, fell ill once more and needed a kidney replacement, only Ou Chen’s kidney had the right fit. She begged him, telling him she would do anything if he gave his kidney to Yin Cheng. He asked her to marry him.

The day of the wedding, Yin Cheng found out about the deal and refused to accept the kidney.

The day of the wedding, Luoxi tried to commit suicide.

Would history repeat itself or will one of them get the girl?

The theme song is sang by Peter Ho which is called. “Wo Ji De Wo Ai Guo” The clip is below. Its really a beautiful song and matches the drama perfectly well. Peter Ho has an amazing voice.

The ending song is sang very passionately by Barbie Xu, its really different and I like it.

Let me tell you, the men in this drama are super good looking >_< Barbie looks really pretty. I like her new hairstyle it really suits her. She looks more mature and also there is more of a glow to her face. Ive been downloading this drama from my favourite sub group. Sublime subs. They are just amazing.

If you don’t feel like dowloading there is always this link to watch as well.


I have only watched about 4 episodes so far and personally I think this drama is okay. When I initially started  watching this drama I did not like it so much, I hated the flash backs, I got pretty confused at what was really going on between the three main characters but when it started progressing I started to understand what was going on. This drama has a very complicated story line which is thrilling and intense. Its not a cliché love story there is something more dramatic and different about this drama.

The actors play their roles really well. Huang Xiao Ming is really good looking and makes all the girls fall for him but even with his good looks I must say I like Peter Ho much better. Even though he is spoilt and his really alpha sometimes which I think is …well hot.  Peter Ho plays a character that has this very sensitive looking side to him and I really want Xia Mo to get with him.

Barbie Xu is beautiful. Her voice is her own I believe in this drama, and gosh can she sing! She plays a very calm and kind looking girl but she also has this feisty side especially when she is talking about what she is thinking. I don’t know if it is just me but at times I cant seem to like her in the drama, her character sometimes is unlikable.

Overall This drama is pretty rich in character and storyline. Its a nice change from all the normal love stories. it has a different element to it.  Its more serious in some ways and the storyline is very intense. Something like this may not happen in real life but its always fun to watch creative dramas. The plot is exciting and each episodes ends with something unexpected happening so it always makes you want to watch more.

I like the titles of each episode, its like a nice saying.  For example episode 1 was ” Love is Reincarnation, Time Will Decide on the Winner” Episode 3 was ” No Matter How We Meet, I Will Fall in Love with You Just the Same”

This drama is worth a watch if you want a change from the normal romantic storyline. It has more creative and a mature side to it and it also gives an insight to the entertainment industry. Its a very good drama especially if you have missed watching your Taiwanese drama and Barbie Xu. I would not recommend it though if you have just started watching Taiwanese drama, something like “Smiling Pasta” or “Meteor shower”  is much better to start of with.

Genre~Romance, Melodrama



Main Characters~



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  2. Love you’re review. Although that last picture…. both of them are of Huang Xiao Ming.

  3. Oh shoot I just realised that thanks I will have to edit now xD I suppose from the side he did look a bit like Peter Ho, I should always remember to wear my glasses..>_<

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