Utsukushii Rinjin Review

A mysterious & beautiful woman Saki Meyer (Yukie Nakama) moves next door to happy ordinary housewife Eriko Yano (Rei Dan). Meanwhile, Eriko’s husband Shinji Yano (Atsuro Watabe), becomes confused by his feelings for temptress Saki.

Saki Meyer comes alone saying her foreign husband will be coming to Japan soon from abroad. She slowly intrudes into Eriko’s life and her family. Saki tears down Eriko’s trust and threatens Eriko’s happy daily life.

Beautiful Neighbour

Shinji Yano is Eriko’s husband. He works for a large consumer electronic home appliance company. Shinji is popular because he takes care of his subordinates. He is promoted so he live alone in Osaka. After moving to Osaka, he comes home to Tokyo on weekends. Lately though, he does not go home as often. During this time he becomes drawn to a mysterious dark woman….


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Tvxq – Keep your head down

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An emotion besides creepyness

I was not sure about watching this drama when I read the synopsis. The storyline did not seem like my cup of tea but due to my admiration of  Nakama Yukie’s work I had to watch it. I have not actually seen her as a main antagonist in any of her dramas so I was very curious to see how she would portray herself as this psychological character. I think after watching this drama I knew there was a reason why I have always counted her as my favourite Actress.

The drama started off very well. It dropped straight on to the plot line and did not waste any time with tedious facts. It introduced the character very simply. There was no slow moments that dragged on. The storyline really flowed. There was no extra information on side characters or any of the usual nonsense that were not important. They really concentrated on the main characters and did not slip away so I was very pleased with that.  I dislike it when dramas drag on and not get along with the actual plot.

In a tree.

Worried about many things


The drama is very creepy at certain moments and Nakama played her character so well I kind of ended up swearing at my beloved actress. >_< She showed up the rest of the character and am not just being biased here but her performance was very dynamic, disturbing and when ever she came on screen she never failed to get an emotion out of me. Whether it be anger or sympathy she was interesting to watch. That saying I also think the rest of the actors did a fantastic job. They played all of their parts so well especially Dan Rei. Her emotions and her love for her “son” was well played.  She played a character whose whole world was coming down on her because of one women.  She was pretty good at playing her but I did not think that Fuji

Spying at the family

Mina who played the husband was so good he was rubbish at emotions.

Personally I think the storyline was really good. At first I was thinking ” Oh god, Not another drama about Affairs!” But thankfully it was not about loving two women at once or cheating husbands. It was more about other factors. Mainly a thriller which showed how crazy a women can become and how far she would go to ruin someone else’s life to ensure her misery would bring her happiness. The tag line of the drama was played through out the drama, ” Women like to watch others in their misery” and fitted perfectly with Nakama’s character Saki who literally laughed every time she hurt Dan Rai’s Character, Erika.


Do not click on show unless you want to know certain parts of the mystery. ^^



Having tea

I really do believe this was one of my favourite Spring Japanese drama’s this year. My only complaint would be that in some ways I wish it was longer then 10 Episodes. Its a good drama to watch and you will finish it in no time after all its only 10 episodes.

It is not amazing but its quite enjoyable in its own way. It teaches you a lesson that just because you enjoy someone being miserable it wont make you happy at the end. You have to find happiness in your self and not be sad all the time.  Its quite a thriller and you keep watching because you want to find out what the conclusion is.  Trust me the last episode is simply worth watching.  Its just one secret after another and you keep wondering what Eriko would do and what would Saki do. So watch it if you like to watch dramas with Nakama and if you like a good creepy mystery.

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Episodes : 10

Ratings ****

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  1. .It s about time that I should tell the whole world how good this drama is. I know that this drama is underrated perhaps because it does not contain any J-drama King or Queen in the cast. All it needs are a good story and good acting to appreciate what is meant to be a solid great drama.

  2. i just finished watch the drama, and i think the reason why saki did al this to eriko is shown in the vcd that saki sent to her. eriko said “yokatta” there, that saki interprest it as she is feel yokatta that her son (eriko’s) alive while her son (saki’s) is dead. and as saki’shusband said, she can be angry for a small and trivial thing

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