Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Review


I really really liked the anime version for this, so when I heard that a live action version was coming out I was pretty excited but when I watched the show I did not really like it so much. I mean it was okay but not wow.  All the actors did an okay job. The girl who played Sunako did a great job personally I think she did a better job then Kame. She even did all those crazy freaky style emotion things that happened in the anime.

the wallflowerFor anyone who has not watched the anime, I think its worth a watch. The storyline of this drama/anime/manga is pretty simple. Nakahara Sunako is a girl who was rejected by the first boy who she confessed to. He called her ugly. Since that day she become quite and withdrawn and gloomy with a liking to skulls and other creepy things. Any time anyone good looking comes in front of her she cant look at them because they to bright in other words too good looking.

The other main characters are four boys, Akano Kyohei who is a very handsome but bad-tempered university student , Toyama Yukinojo who possesses a cuteness and often mistaken for a girl, the cool-headed Oda Takenaga who is great in academics and sports; and the princely charming  Mori Ranmaru who loves females. The boys get a free lodging but only in the condition that they can turn the owners niece into a beautiful lady.

There were lots of funny moments in this drama but personally I did not enjoy it so much. I just liked maybe a few episodes and then I got bored of it.  Its okay if you have nothing to watch and want to watch it but overall I would not say it was great. I think the anime is better.

Genre~Comedy Romance

Episodes~ 10

Rating~ ***

Main Characters ~


Main Characters



  1. I did not enjoy the drama as well but the anime is pretty amazing…I wish the drama could be remade…

  2. Kathong says:

    i really enjoy it.. i want more episodes.. :DD

  3. I did not enjoy it. I saw the anime which is great and really funny, even my non-anime watcher friends laughed and liked it too. But the live drama was so painful to watch that I got a migraine after an episode and a half. I was looking forward to recommend it initially but now I rather just throw the darn thing in the trash than embarrass myself.

  4. They always spoil good animes. They coming out with an ouran high school host club Live action as well and am just so meh that they gonna mess up a super good anime:/

  5. i love it that’s all thank you !

  6. is there a part 2 ???

  7. They have not confirmed a season 2 yet

  8. well I haven’t watch the live yet.
    still I want to watch it .
    I just hope that there are more episodes of anime version..
    I’m addicted to sunako.

  9. I saw the characters of live.
    well they are not as haandsome and gorgeous as the anime was.
    and not as pretty and horrible as sunako!

    hope that sunako and kyohei have babies!!whahahahahaha!!

  10. the actress for Noi looks prettier than Sunako

  11. The actress for Noi has only ever acted in this drama she is pretty but I think Omasa Aya was perfect for sanako :-)

  12. the actors and actresses of yamato nadeshiko are good in acting

  13. i really really like yamato nadeshiko

  14. Don’t go dissing the drama remake of ” The Wallflower”. Anime is different from reality.

  15. Personally it does not matter if a drama is reality or not. The anime was more entertaining and thats what a good drama should also do. Provide you with something to escape reality…:-\ No one is dissing they are just giving their oppinions. ^^

  16. i soo like the anime, same with the manga. i haven’t seen the live show yet but i’m super excited to watch. i hope it’s nice. :)

  17. Watch watch ^^ let me know what you thought of it

  18. I love this show i always swoon seeing Kyohei and Sunako together when they kissed 😀 it made me smile

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