Yankee-kun to Megane-Chan Episode 2 Review

The second episode of this drama made me laugh a lot. I am really liking this drama and I do not think I can wait to watch the next episode so I  have decided that I will watch all the rest of the episodes that had been subbed. xD  The two main characters are really cute and their acting is awesome.  Episode 2 was much more funnier then the first one. At the end of each episodes there is a heart-warming lesson.  I loved this episode so far it has to be my favourite…well I’ve only watched 2 episodes yet but I loved this one.

Overall in this episode I liked how Hana’s and Daichis relationship was coming along. The chemistry between the two actors is really very good. I like Daichi’s family, they are all very funny especially his mum. We also find out a lot about Hana who she lives with and how she got there. I do think this drama is now worth watching. =)

Episode 2

In this episode Hana is still annoying Daichi, but he has it in his head that she likes him.  Hana finds out that their is a boy in the class who is “sick” and has not come to class for quite some time so she decides to go to his house to check up on him. She drags Daichi with her saying that he scared the boy, who is name is Chiba Seiya. Daichi explain’s to Hana that sick does not really mean sick, it means he is pretending to be sick so he does not need to come any-more.

They both go to his house, which is very big and meet his mother who cooks fabulously and really adores her son but she tells them both that he has not come out of his room for quite some time. Daichi and Hana do not give up and go outside Chibi’s room and talk to him.

One day when they going back to his out Chibi’s mother tells them that he does not want to see anyone. Why is this the case? Will Chibi ever come out of his room or will Hana fail ?

Ratings~ *****


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