Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Episode 1 Review

YankeeThis new drama is based on a manga by the same name. Its funny, outrageous and very anime like acting.  The first episode was interesting yet not amazingly good that it would keep me hooked on to the drama, yet anyway. The story line of this drama is interesting, Reminds me a bit of Gokousan which I really really enjoyed. The acting is very good. At first I was unsure but at the end of the drama I do think I will carry on watching this Drama. The ending of the first episode was very heart warming and funny.

Episode 1

Shinagawa Daichi  was a good student but became  delinquent due to his reputation.  He always used to try and do well and please his parents  and wanted to study to take over his fathers clinic but everywhere he goes someone finds him and he wonders if its even worth studying anymore.  He spends many of his days fighting other delinquents but never a girl as he has never won his sister.

first meetingOne day when he his not going school like usual a girl knocks him over. Her name is Adachi Hana. Hana really annoys Daichi with her constant chatter, and her constant bugging. She is new and starting at his school and is also in his class.

BegOn the first day at her new class Hana becomes the class president and keeps annoying Daichi every single time his trying to smoke or relax on the school roof.  The classmates of Daichi think he should not be at school and also think Hana is too high spirited. Hana takes every opportunity to make Daichi work with the class but there are many people in the classroom who think his useless ad dislike how she keeps going to get him to work with them.  They hate him but Hana still tries her best with him and her class even though she knows how much her class mates dislike her.

While trying to save Hana, Daichi finds out a big secret regarding Hana. Will the fact that she understands change how Daichi is or is he a lost cause?

Genre~ Fighting, school, comedy, romance,

Episodes~ 11


Main Characters~




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