Yukan Club Review

Yukan club also known as Leisure club was a really good 2007 drama. I really adored this series. Of course I know the two boys from Kat-Tun as I used to be very obsessed with their Cartoon Kat-Tun show and their song were also pretty good. I made my little cousins and my sister to watch this drama with me, they loved it. They used to be like oh tell us to watch this! Where do we watch it? we want to watch it!

schoolThe school building is really beautiful and Mike He also has a part in one episode. He looked so nice! All the main characters were so beautiful and after watching this drama I wanted to know about each and every one of them more. This was one of the few dramas I started watching when I first started to get into Dramas. This was a very funny and entertaining drama. I really really liked it.

BidouThe drama is about 6 very rich and privileged kids who go to a prestigious school where they sit around all day waiting for the day to pass and to waste time they solve mysteries. You have Miroku, the leader who loves his motorbike, Seirshiro is very smart, athletic and likes Karate, Bidou is the playboy who is vain and pretty slow, Yuri practically eats anything and everything and likes to fight, Karen is all about have the perfect body and face and only wants to marry a rich man, and Noriko is a lady, pretty and hates men.

The storyline may seem childish and lame but the truth is there are lots of mature parts. How we see the friendship and how they help each other. Its really sweet and I really really enjoyed this drama. Its only short so it would take you about a few days to finish watching it. A great drama.

Genre~ comedy, romance, mystery, school



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